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Fierce Grace Yoga

Recently, I've been going to Fierce Grace quite a bit. I really love it because it is hot yoga with a bit of a modern twist, and the studio's are just so cool!

They offer an amazing variety of 5 different classes which makes the choice just so versatile and fabulous. When my back is bad, I go for the calming 'Core' class which is a deep, slow class designed to open and de-stress you on every level. Because of the deep stretching in the class, I always find that my back feels so much better after it. Or, If i'm keen for some tunes whilst getting my yoga on, then I often do 'Fierce Grace', a class that really gives a fully rounded workout to some super chilled beats. From hip openers to working my core stability and upper body strength, at the end of the class I feel like i've got rid of some toxins in the hot hot studio's, and feel ready to conquer the world (or just the day!)

After the class, there is always fresh lemon or cucumber water, and a juice bar that offers freshly made juices to re-fuel and rehydrate your body, so after a 10 minute chillax and a cheeky green juice, its a shower, and then off to the HH Headquarters!

Check them out here if ya fancy getting your yoga sweat on: 


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