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Summer Hair Protection - The Natural Way

Learning the best methods to keep your hair safe during those wonderful sunny days. After the seemingly never ending cold winter days, it’s hard to imagine how damaging the summer can be to our skin and hair, but it is. We just can’t wait to get out of those warm/thick dark clothes and slip into the bright and light dresses and kaftans and head to the beach. I often make the mistake to think, that those rays can only hurt when they are really hot and strong, but those sneaky little  ultra violet rays, can get you meaner than you’d think, even on those cloudy days in an urban environment. You need to know how to fight them back and once you’ve worked out what works best for you, thats when the real fun begins. Lets go through a few scenarios. If you’re in the city and have access to pools and enjoy the weekends dipping in and out regularly, then you need to protect your hair from chlorine. Before and after care is necessary as this chemical will act like bleach and when you add sunshine the two together will practically eat your hair away. If you are planning a holiday, there are a few key items you will need to get beforehand, such as a UV protecting hat, leave in conditioner and a few natural oils, which mixed into your favourite conditioner will add a natural SPF. If your hair is highlighted or naturally fine and/or blonde I highly recommend wearing a hat during the day when the sun is the strongest. I found the Wallaroo brand really good and there’s no compromising on the fashionable look either. Most of these hats do have a built in UPF 50+, but read the listing as its not true for every item. These fabrics are tested by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency and block 97.5% of the sun's ultra violet rays (the same as our clothes ).  As for my most recommended products, the Kevin Murphy Protection Wash is a shampoo, which contains wonderful ingredients such as Wattle Seed Extract which is from the Australian rain forest that acts as a colour and UV protectant. If you have curly hair, you might already be familiar with my favourite curl manager the Motion Lotion from Kevin Murphy, which is a weightless styling product that contains sunscreen to protect your hair, while you are having fun in the sun. Another great method to add extra defence to your hair(and skin) is to add natural oils that offer SPF protection from the sun, that is better than protection found in any commercially produced sunscreen. Combine one or more of these oils and create a delightful potion of safe sun guard that anyone in your family can confidently use. Ensure that they're organic cold pressed virgin oils as they maintain the most nutritional components. Here is a list of the few of my favourites arranged by their strength:
  1. Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 23.31.27Red Raspberry Seed Oil - SPF 28-50
  2. Carrot Seed Oil - SPF 38-40 
  3. Wheat Germ Oil - SPF 20
  4. Soybean Oil - SPF 10
  5. Shea Butter - SPF 6-8 
  6. Macadamia Oil - SPF 6
  7. Hemp Seed Oil - SPF 6 
  8. Coconut Oil - SPF 4-10 
  9. Jojoba Oil - SPF 4
  10. Sesame Seed Oil - SPF 4 
Above all, don’t forget to have fun. Happy holidays! Written by Magdalen Jagri, managing director of 10500 Hair Salon, Notting Hill, London.      

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