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Wonders On My Bookshelf

As summer reaches its peak, I always go back to books that I have loved and sometimes have a re-read of them. Whether that be on a beach holiday, or just whilst laying in my garden in the country on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I love picking up a book that I have loved before.

This year there are three books that particularly come to mind:

This book actually came out this year, and at times like this when I’m doing lots of exercise it has been an absolute Godsend. It has so many inspiring post workout recipes and has given me a brilliant insight into how much protein I should be eating. So many people think that the more exercise you do, the more protein you need, but in fact this isn’t always the case. This book has taught me better ways to feed my body post-workout rather than just pumping myself full of protein shakes. There’s one particular smoothie that I just can’t get enough of at the moment, and that is the Thai Avocado Refresher in the book. It’s so refreshing and is a brilliant energy-sustaining afternoon snack.

This book has helped me in the past, and I’ve recently drawn it back out of the dust pile as it’s such a fantastic and inspiring read that empowers self-belief. I have to admit that recently, due to the amount of exciting and massive things that have been happening here at the Honestly Healthy Headquarters, there has also been a little bit of fear. Fear however is not always a bad thing -it can drive us to bigger things and the satisfaction when success appears it can be an even better feeling. I know at the end of these overwhelmingly busy few weeks that there will be some clear set plans in place, as we grow as a business. At these times, it is just so important to set aside a certain amount of time each day for yourself. Whether that be whilst mindfully eating, or going for a walk at lunchtime, make sure you give time to yourself.

I read this book whilst travelling in India a few years ago, and what a read it is! I’ve read it numerous times, and every time, it takes me right back to that little place in Pushkar where I first read the book. It completely captures India - the phrases and words they use, the mad car journeys, the food and little things that transport me straight back. It’s such an easy read that actually draws on some important issues. If you are looking for a beach book for your summer holiday, I can give this one as my biggest recommendation!

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