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Hemp seeds have got themselves a bit of a name for being a really 'vegetarian' and 'hippie' thing to eat - with the impression being that perhaps you would have them alongside a very brown looking lentil dish or even a 'mushroom veggie burger' (something that carnivores think is painfully dull). But instead, hemp seeds can be used in so many dishes, and are actually pretty cool and something that we should most certainly be integrating into our lifestyle - heres why:

a) they are packed with minerals

b) they help to rebuild and repair cells in the body

c) a fantastic source of protein

d) potently anti-inflammatory

e) a vital source of essential fatty acids There are so many different ways to integrate hemp seed based products into your diet - here are a few of my favourites.

Nautrya Hemp Protein Powder Naturya cold press their protein rich hemp seeds and then mill them into a nutritionally rich green powder. It has a mildly nutty flavour and aside from adding it to your smoothies, you can use it in all sorts of dishes - everything from sprinkled over granola to mixing it into homemade protein bars.

 Biona Hemp Seed Oil This Biona version is a great choice for a hemp seed oil - it is cold pressed and organic and absolutely packed with essential fatty acids. This therefore makes it a great choice for vegetarians who do not eat fish as it has the perfect balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 (3:1).  Like olive oil, it is best not to use hemp seed oil when cooking at high temperatures, instead reserve it for thick salad dressings and dips. Hemp seed oil also makes a great moisturiser as it is incredibly nourishing for the skin and helps to get the circulation going.

Sun & Seed Raw Hemp Seed Butter This is a lovely organic and raw brand of hemp seed butter. It is really important when it comes to nut butters and oils to choose organic and raw when you can. Often oil is added into butters, some of which are highly processed, bleached and blended with all sorts. This hemp seed butter is seriously silky smooth, so try making a dip with it and adding garlic, lemon & nutritional yeast - it's delicious with celery.

Raw Health Organic Hemp Protein Balls These make a great snack if you are lulling in the afternoon or are planning a big session in the gym. Don't eat them all at once though - one at a time should do it as they are incredibly filling. I tend to get them from Planet Organic but they are available in most health food stores and even from Amazon. 

Jason Hemp Hand & Body Lotion This is a lovely, natural moisturiser. Hemp oil is amazing for the skin - love this one as it is does not leave your skin feeling greasy and oily.

Pulsin Hemp Protein Powder If I am working out a lot I often try to have a spoonful or two of this in my smoothies. I am not one for packing lots of added protein into my diet when I am being particularly active, I think your body will tell you when it needs something. I love this version from Pulsin though because it does not contain any when protein (i.e dairy).

Good Hemp - Hemp Milk I am totally loving that more and more people are embracing alternatives to cows milk, however people tend to gravitate mainly towards almond and soy milk now as a result. Both have benefits, but neither should be drunk in excess - we should only be having soy products once -twice a week while excessive amounts of almond milk might mean gaining a few pounds! I therefore love alternating the milks in my fridge - everything from oat brown rice milk and especially hemp milk.

Good Seed Hulled Hemp Seeds I love these for sprinkling on salads, porridge and granola. I have only tried the plain hemp seed version but it looks like they have some other interesting flavours too. They are available on Ocado which is great.  

 Raw Hemp Seeds Its great to have a stock of these in your cupboard as they have a relatively unobtrusive flavour and can be added to so many dishes - raw porridge, smoothies, sprinkled onto salads, baked with your granola...all sorts. So Hemp yourself Healthy today!

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