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WANTED: Sugar, The Silent Killer!

If it were humanised, the headlines would read...


'BREAKING NEWS! Millions Killed By Silent, Refined Murderer!' 


Silent, hidden, refined and processed; Mr Sugar is believed to be roaming our supermarket alleyways preying on innocent victims. Mr Sugar is now one of the most prolific serial killers of all time and is yet to be taken out by the authorities. People are advised to steer clear of processed foods, fruit laden juices, the chocolate & sweet isle, fizzy drinks and anything that Mr Sugar may have touched. Rest assured The President and food bodies are doing very little to resolve the situation due to financial fears.

So how did we get here and why can't we shake this killer? Well I suppose there are three main reasons:
  1. A vast majority of the population are completely addicted
  2. Many take the attitude of 'what you don't know wont kill you'
  3. The sugar and various other food manufacturing industries are just making too much darn money out of it!
Where is Mr Sugar hiding? Reporters say that Mr Sugar is hiding everywhere, he sneaks in almost everywhere these days and more often than not goes unnoticed. Here are some surprising places where you may not have expected to find him.
  1. In your tonic water. A 150ml serving of Schweppes Indian Tonic Water contains 7.7g of sugar
  2. In your 'healthy yoghurt'. A typical half cup of said 'healthy' brands such as Activia contain around 19g of sugar.
  3. In your dairy alternative such as almond or soya milk. Typical brands on the UK supermarket shelves add about 30g of sugar to each litre. That is a lot of sugar in your milkshake! Always choose unsweetened.
  4. In your ketchup. One tablespoon of tomato ketchup contains one cube of sugar.
  5. In your Starbucks. A typical tall hot chocolate contains a whopping 38g of sugar!
  6. In your cereal. Naughty brands (those which tend to be more kids focused) such as Coco Pops contain around 11g of sugar per 30g serving - that is over 1/3 sugar! Less naughty brands such as Alpen (sweetened) contain around 23g of sugar per 100g.
  7. In flavoured water. Even though it is not fizzy, Volvic Touch of Fruit, Lemon & Lime contains an insane 60g of sugar per litre. Not a healthier choice.
  8. In your bread. Yeast needs sugar to thrive so a quantity of sugar is always needed in leavened bread. But as we know, there is sugar and then there is sugar!
  9. Red Bull. I hope that anyone reading our post has vowed never to drink this stuff - be it with a shot of vodka or not. Aside from the ridiculous other health harming elements to Red Bull, it contains 22g of sugar per 250ml! Keep your kids and loved ones away from this one at all costs.
Oh and just so you know, a McDonalds milkshake contains an insane 16 cubes of sugar! Mr Sugar has shown himself to be one of the most cunning killers of our time. Hiding behind the high profiles of saturated fats, carbohydrates, e-numbers and preservatives, sugar has got away with too much in recent years. Responsible for heart disease, rapidly increasing rates of diabetes, cancer, depression, obesity, stress laden fatty liver...the list goes on. Currently in the UK,  2.9 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes. We absolutely cannot afford to take the attitude that 'It will never happen to me'. Diabetes is a killer and is on the rise for one reason only - sugar! Our livers have never been under so much stress. They are laden down with fatty deposits which can reap damage similar to that of alcohol. Us humans are pretty clever things - we have learnt to multiply everything from our population to our production lines. We are honed, highly intelligent beings who are being ruined by our own addictions and ultimately a plant. We are going to be in serious trouble if we don't put that plant behind bars pretty soon!

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