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Ditch The Gym - Here Are The Best Exercise Apps

The weather is amazing at the moment and gym memberships are expensive. Check out some of these great fitness apps and head outside for some exercise.

What's it all about? This app includes a range of workout plans each of varying length (15, 30 and 45 minutes). Each ensures you get a full body workout and are taught by over 100 different inspiring female athletes like Maria Sharipova.

What's cool about it? You can tailor your own workouts and reach the targets of your choice, be that getting strong, lean or toned. The app works as a supplement to the gym or even as your very own personal trainer. It measures progress, calories burned, minutes logged etc.  

Cost: Free


What's it all about? An all in one sophisticated health and fitness device that monitors everything from the steps you take, calories you consume, hydration levels, weight & much more. It's not so much about teaching but recording and improving.

What's cool about it? Well it includes everything you could need to monitor your health and fitness. It is a fantastic way to get a better picture of what you are actually consuming so that you can start to see potentially harmful patterns and rectify them.

Cost: Free

The Walk

What's it all about? Well something completely different to be honest! This app ask participants to turn their exercise into a game so that they follow a storyline to their destination. Think running to 'X' street in time to save the heroine.

What's cool about it? Well its completely different and if you are into thrillers/games then this could be just the thing to motivate you to get out the door. It acts as a pedometer while you can change the story depending on the intensity of your workout.

Cost: £1.99  


What's it all about? One for the cyclists and the runners out there. A life saver for bi and triathletes helping to track and map progress while sharing your stats with fellow Stravaists for added motivation.

What's cool about it? Tracking your route, average speed, difficulty levels and rankings it helps you to know exactly where you are at in your training and location. You can also compare your efforts on runs or cycles that you have done before thus helping you to push yourself and beat your own records.

Cost: Free

Tabata Trainer

What's it all about? Tabata training is like HIIT Training but focuses on seriously intense 4 minute exercise bursts. Exercise intensely for 20 seconds and then rest for 10. The app comes with a timer and pre-loaded workouts while you can also design your own. What's cool about it? Well it gets you pretty fit and toned quicker than most. Workouts are short and won't take much time out of your day. No excuses while there is also a voice feedback so that there is no slacking allowed!

Cost: £1.49

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