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Staying Present In Our Tech Obsessed World - by Julie Montagu






The ever-evolving digital world is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. Although having a constant stream of information at your fingertips can often seem useful, it can also be exhausting for your mind. Our obsession with technology, it seems, is never-ending and our opportunities to switch off and relax are becoming less and less. The social media boom that has gripped the world has, of course, improved our capacity to communicate with far-away friends but, on the other hand, it is consuming a large amount of our time. Knowing when to use the power off button on your devices is not only a great way to get this time back but is also much better for your health. Studies have shown that visiting sites like Facebook frequently actually perpetuate feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with our own lives. Having a never-ending insight to the places your friends are visiting, the activities they are enjoying and even the foods they are eating can be interesting and entertaining, but it can also encourage the feeling that you are missing something.

Having time alone to think and reflect on the events of your day is essential to maintaining a healthy perspective on life. If you aren't getting enough of this time because you are constantly connected to your phone or your computer, then your mind will begin to suffer as a result. Although it may seem like constant online interaction is a good thing, you could easily be missing out on the real life experiences that are happening around you. You might not classify yourself who has a technology addiction but how long could you realistically  stay away for? In order to better your mind and realise how much of your day is consumed by this modern habit, it's essential that you spend time getting back to basics. So how can you ensure that you have an adequate amount of time technology-free? Firstly always make an effort to spend the first hour of everyday away from technology. Your morning routine will have a huge influence on your mood for the rest of your day and for this reason it's important to commence the day as calmly as possible. Additionally, moving away from technology for a pre-determined amount of time later on in the day will also help to promote relaxation. Finally, turning off all of your devices at least an hour before you go to bed is essential to give your brain the time it needs to digest the day. Sleeping with your phone or laptop turned on and within each is something that should never happen! A better perspective on life and peace of mind is within everyone's reach and making the decision to use technology sensibly and responsibly is a huge step towards this!

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