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Yoga For Beginners - An Online Class

So excited to now be working closely with a fantastic new online yoga company called Movement For Modern Life. They are the latest and greatest in online workout videos and have a huge range of amazing yoga content to help you with everything from getting started with yoga, detoxing with yoga,  yoga for new mothers and lots more.

This is a fantastic introduction to yoga offering gentle movements to help you to connect with your breath. Over and above the general calming effect of breathing in yoga, we all forget how important the breath is to our health.

When we get stressed we tend to hold our breath and forget to breathe properly - this in turn causes more stress on the body and depletes our oxygen supply. Oxygen is absolutely vital for a healthy body and mind, it provides nutrients and energy to every single cell, helping us to look and feel fantastic. One of the most fascinating facts is that cancer cells thrive in places where there is less oxygen - an oxygenated body is less likely to get cancer and will be inordinately better equipped to fight disease.

This is the first of just a few of their videos that we will be sharing on the site so keep an eye out for more - we will make yogi's out of you in no time.

Movement For Modern Life Class taught by Clare Beagly of Blue Cow Yoga 

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