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What Could Be Healthier Than King Kale??

KAleOnWoodenTable900-850x400 The pauper crop that has risen to ultimate fame - kale is royalty among vegetables! The epitome of rags to riches. But how did it become so, and should it really be sitting at the top of the vegetable throne? Well, kale is up there as one of natures great greens - it delivers our bodies with more iron per calorie than beef, vitamin K (which helps to ward off various cancers), potent levels of antioxidants (carotenoids and flavonoids), vitamins C, A and calcium. It is low in carbohydrates and protein and is virtually fat free. However a recent study by William Patterson University ranks Kale as a lowly 15 on their definitive guide to powerhouse fruits and vegetables. Powerhouse fruits and vegetables in this study are known as PVF's and are those strongly associated with preventing chronic disease - typically these include cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli etc) green leafy and yellow/orange vegetables as well as citrus fruits. So looking at a range of 41 such PVF vegetables, here is a list of those who pipped kale to the post in the veggie powerhouse stakes...
  1. 99_incBeetroot_001Watercress - peppery and delicious in salads or really simple green soups.
  2. Chinese Cabbage - delicious in an Asian slaw.
  3. Chard - keep these simple and sauté with coconut oil, garlic, salt and lemon zest.
  4. Beetroot tops - pop these in your juicer with the beetroot themselves for maximum raw goodness.
  5. Spinach - try making this Alkalising Green Soup.
  6. Chicory - a delicious recipe in my second cookbook for marinated tofu & chicory bites.
  7. Lettuce - perfect in salads, smoothies, juices and yes...soups too.
  8. Parsley - love adding parsley to my smoothies or try it in my Zesty Pea & Parsley Fritters.
  9. Romain Lettuce - chop it finely for a lovely texture in your salad or stuff it the whole leaves and make it into a salad wrap.
  10. Collared Greens - sauté with garlic and ground coriander and stir through some butter beans.
  11. Turnip Tops - not so easy to come by but great in juices.
  12. Mustard Greens - stir them through a lovely Indian dhal just before serving - dhal recipes in both my books. 
  13. Endive - chargrill it and serve with braised fennel and a lemony dressing.
  14. Chives - a very under used herb that is beautiful and tasty chopped through a fresh salad or gluten free pasta.
  15. KALE - massage it with lemon juice, toss through some tamari toasted seeds and add some chopped heirloom tomatoes.
23_FalafelWraps_2031  Image of Falafel Wraps from my first book 'Eat With Your Body In Mind The Alkaline Way'. 

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