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5 Things You Need If You Are Going Gluten Free

Allergies are on the rise and the more we discover about nutrition, the more we understand that ingredients like gluten can cause a lot of additional stress on the body. Stress is incredibly acid forming and when following an alkaline lifestyle, we want to minimise anything that is going to cause added stress on the body. At Honestly Healthy, we promote that you cut out wheat completely from your diet and as much gluten as possible. Some ingredients like pearl barley and spelt do contain a trace of gluten, and we do like to include this from time to time because they come laden with other nutritional benefits - however both are ingredients to avoid if you are a coeliac. Here are a few things to ensure you are stocked up on if you are going to go  gluten free.

Tamari TAMARI SAUCE - With this multicultural world we now live in, Asian food has become a staple in lots of peoples lives. It certainly has in mine. I was so upset to discover that soy sauce contained gluten when I turned to the alkaline way. HOWEVER I can say with complete certainty that its gluten free alternative is 100 times better - both in taste and health benefits. It has a much more malty taste and once you give it a go, you wont ever go back to normal soy sauce. I love this organic Clearspring version.


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 15.45.35GLUTEN FREE OATS - I am afraid that most oats are glutenous but a few brands are now doing amazing gluten free oats, so fear not, porridge and oat cookies can still be on the menu! Alara do lovely gluten free rolled oats and delicious gluten free muesli and granola too.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 16.01.56A GOOD GLUTEN FREE BREAD & BREAD RECIPE - Lets face it, most of us don't have time to make our own gluten free bread and bread has become an integral part to life. I am a sucker for an open sandwich on dense toast for lunch and poached eggs on toast for breakfast at the weekends - Biona have a fantastic range of gluten free breads which are perfect for such dishes. Delicious with a bit of Marmite & coconut oil too from time to time! My second cookbook has a super delicious Quinoa Bread recipe in it - its a must try.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 16.13.30 SANCHI BLACK SESAME CRACKERS - snacking can be hard when you are trying to (or have to) cut out gluten. Gluten is hidden in so many things even Walkers Crisps (which you should not be eating by the way) cannot guarantee a gluten free status. I am a tiny bit obsessed with these crackers from Sanchi - they have lots of different flavours and are gluten free deliciousness.

ice-cream-chocolate RAW CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM - So aside from some of the other terrifying ingredients listed on the back of most ice cream brands (i.e partially reconstituted skimmed milk concentrate, stabilisers etc) a lot of ice creams are not classified as gluten free and can certainly not be classified as healthy. This Raw Chocolate Ice Cream from Coyo can be classified as gluten free, healthy and totally delicious too. It's even vegan!  

If you are trying to go gluten free for whatever reason, The Coeliac Society is a hub of great information and tips on helping you with every day gluten free living. They have also just launched an amazing new app called Gluten Free On The Move - the app allows you to scan ingredients while out on your grocery shop so that you clarify if suitable for a coeliac or someone avoiding gluten! 

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