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Healthy Breakfast on a Budget For Just £0.42!

Freshers week is now in full swing. The wildest week of excessive drinking, nocturnal living, spaghetti hoops, white bread, cheesy chips, hangover food, a kebab or two...and some more hangover food! The beloved kale leaf and green juice is nothing but a distant memory - just like the night before no doubt! There is little wonder that at times like this, the pesky freshers flu will rear its ugly head, the skin will draw pale, the spots appear and the immune system will take a constant battering. Don't get me wrong, we all did hands are up. Thinking back to my freshers days though, I could have done with a lot more guidance to help me stay fit and healthy on a tiny budget. Make it delicious at the same time and I would have most likely had a lot more brain power to see me through! Freshers, fellow students and those living on a tight budget, here is the first of a series of recipes on how to eat healthily on a shoestring. Honestly HealthyBircher Muesli: Oats (preferably gluten free) are your best friend - you can make so much with them, everything from granola to cookies to porridge to crumble to flapjacks. Packed with fiber and B vitamins, oats provide slow releasing energy which in turn help to balance the blood sugar levels. They happen to be up there in the top 10 hangover cure foods too. But best of all they are cheap, cheap, CHEAP! Amazon is also your best friend for the best deals. Bircher Muesli is one of the most nutritionally balanced dishes that you can have - protein comes from added nuts and seeds, carbohydrates and fiber from the oats and not to mention the vast array of vitamins and minerals that you can include with the likes of fruit, supplements and alkaline ingredients such as bee pollen. Here is one of my favourite Bircher Muesli recipes from my second cookbook. And now a list of the cheapest way to source the best ingredients. Remember you can play around with these and make up a big batch for the week ahead.
Non Organic
Gluten Free
Organic & Gluten Free
 £1.70  £1.60  £3 £9.36 (3 boxes)
£1  £1.80 £1  £1.80
Desiccated Coconut
 £1.50  £2.00  £1.50  £2.00
Sunflower Seeds
 85p £2.60 85p £2.60
Pumpkin Seeds
85p  £8.49 85p £8.49
 £3.00 £12.10 (2 packs) £3.00 £12.10 (2 packs)
  For extra deliciousness, top your Bircher Muesli with added fresh fruit - bananas are really chap and are a fantastic energy food packed with potassium. Berries can be slightly more expensive but you only need a couple. Grated apple can add some great good value sweetness too.  A healthy breakfast for 41p or even 75p is pretty good going, especially when you can prepare a big batch at the beginning of the week and keep it in the fridge for 3-4 days. Great for lazy mornings!

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