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So I have been working on my new alkaline recipe app for a while now and have been itching to get it out to you guys because it is full of some really amazing new recipes that I KNOW you are going to love! As always with these techy things it, takes a while to get them ready but I am so excited to announce that the app is now available to download on iTunes! So the app is really easy to use and I am hoping that it is going to be a really helpful tool for you all on your alkaline, clean eating journeys. It includes over 60 alkaline recipes, including my favourite new breakfast recipe for Almond Milk Poached Pears. Lots of healthy snack ideas in there too like my Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies, dishes that work for weight loss and alkaline cleanses to a whole host of everyday healthy yumminess - you have got to try the Smoked Aubergine with Tahini as it is a little bit mind blowingly delicious! Download Now Heirloom SmallPasta SmallBrownie small Just to give you a little overview on what to expect inside the app alongside all of the recipes, here is a little breakdown... Search Function We have included a search function for when you need to use up some leftover ingredients in the fridge - just type in what you have got and the app will come up with some suggested recipes to try. Perfect for those who like to waste not want not! Favouriting We also have a favouriting option so that you can create a library of all your favourite recipes. You can head straight there when you feel like making that super comforting curry on a Sunday night or those brownies you love for when it is your turn to bake for the office! Social Media Sharing We completely love seeing what you guys have all been making and every day our social media is full of amazing pictures of all your creations. The best bit of the app for us is a social sharing button - this means you can take photos of your food through the app and share it with us and your friends with the recipe!  Bundles Every now and then we are going to be adding bundles to the app for you to download - these include a further 5 brand new and app exclusive recipes. You will see on the app now that we have an SOS Alkaline Quick Fixes bundle available which has 5 awesome recipes in it for you including recipes for Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies, a Wheatgrass Smoothie, an Heirloom Tomato & Quinoa Salad, a Green Quinoa Gratin and the most amazing Tahini Cookies.  The app is £2.99 to download and each additional bundle purchase is just 99p each. Hopefully you are all going to find it really helpful with your kitchen adventures and cant wait to hear what you all think! Pears small  

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Hannah Nicholas:

Where is this app gone? I had the same issues above. Didn’t we pay for this? I’m confused

Sep 11, 2016


Same here…. Could no longer use the app so deleted it hoping to download it again. Now can’t find it!
Please advise. Thanks.

Feb 23, 2016

Rebecca Raffan :

I can’t get your app! I did have it but it would never update so deleted it to try and download again but now can’t download at all. It says it’s not available?

Feb 16, 2016


Hi, having the same problem as other people. I have a new phone but cannot redownload your app. It states it is ‘not available in the U.K.’ Please advise. Thank you.

Dec 28, 2015

Chloë :

Not sure what’s happened to your app! I updated my phone and now can’t find it anywhere to redownload? Could you kindly let me know what has happened or where I’m going wrong so I can have your beautiful app back on my phone! Xx

Nov 07, 2015


Hi I can’t seem to find your app and the download link here said its not available yet. Is it available in the uk? If so how do I get it? Thanks

Nov 02, 2015

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