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A Sugar Detox Yoga Video

This week on the site we are discussing all things sugar! The dreaded refined white stuff is a constant subject matter in the media these days and for good reason! Sugar is quite literally everywhere and the length to which so many of us are addicted is quite alarming. It seems it has become a comfort blanket to so many in stressful times - when we are tired, when we are upset, when we are bored. Surely it would be much more beneficial to reach for a healthier and more effective remedy?

A lot of the time our sugar cravings come because our mind is not present - often we think we want something because something else is lacking. Think for example when you want to have a bar of chocolate because you are bored - stimulation in this case is lacking, and we look to chocolate for a form of temporary stimulation in the guise of a blood sugar high (which I am afraid will undoubtedly be followed by a crashing blood sugar low)! What if in that moment when we needed a little stimulation, we looked to a yoga practice that occupies our mind, releases the boredom and takes your mind to a place that is present and you can focus on what it is that you really need - is it a bar of chocolate?

Here is a yoga video from Movement For Modern Life that can help you in those craving moments and for those on a sugar detox this will be a really helpful tool for you.

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