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Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

 Roughly one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime but there are some natural ways to help beat those odds. Even though finding out you have breast cancer is linked to genetics and family history, there's plenty you can do to slash your chances, even if your risk is high. WATCH YOUR WEIGHT Excess body weight is associated with breast cancer. Losing weight can dramatically slash your chances of developing the disease. Among post menopausal women who had never had used postmenopausal hormones, those who lost 10kg or more and kept it off, cut their breast cancer risk by more than half compared with women whose weight stayed more or less the same after menopause. KEEP MOVING Whatever your age, regular exercise can cut your risk of breast cancer. In fact, it's thought that becoming physically active could prevent an estimated 10 per cent of breast cancers worldwide. DITCH THE DRINK A few glasses of wine a week may help protect against heart disease, but when it comes to breast cancer, even low levels of alcohol can raise your risk. Women who drink three to six alcoholic beverages on average per week are 15 percent more likely than teetotallers to be diagnosed with breast cancer. EAT ORGANIC Besides maintaining a balanced whole food diet, try eating organic whenever possible. Pesticides, which contaminate nearly half the food we consume in the UK, are known hormone disruptors and have been linked to breast cancer in several studies. EAT TOMATOES Make sure organic tomatoes are on your shopping list. They're packed with a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, found to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. USE NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS Researchers from the Silent Spring Institute in Massachusetts quizzed more than 1,500 women about their cleaning product-use and found that those who used more air fresheners and products for mould and mildew control had a higher incidence of breast cancer. USE NATURAL COSMETICS Parabens -- used to stop bacteria and other microbes from growing in your favourite lipstick or lotion--can disrupt the body's delicate hormone system. They have oestrogen activity and have been found in 99 per cent of human breast cancer tissue samples. They can also stimulate human breast cancer call growth at the concentrations measurable in the breast. AVOID EXTRA HORMONES Avoid exposing your body to hormones like oestrogen and progestin from birth-control pills and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Evidence suggests that both the pill and HRT may responsible for a substantial number of breast cancer cases. Instead, consider non-hormonal solutions for contraception and Article by alkaline advocate Dr Joshi of The Joshi Clinic

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