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The 3 Best Exercises To Draw Out Toxins

Every now and then we need to address our toxicity levels and draw them out in the best possible way.  One of the best ways to draw out the toxins is through your skin. This means you need to get your sweat on! Sweating is very cleansing for the body.  Over time, cultures have embraced  the benefits of a good sweat in the form of rituals - everything from sweat lodges to bath houses to steam rooms. When you sweat, your body releases toxins and your metabolism increases.  It is also believed that when your body heats up, it generates more white blood cells which in turn strengthens your immune system. Here are the 5 best sweaty exercises to help you draw out those nasty toxins.
  1. Spinning - you either love it or you hate it but it sure helps you get your sweat on!
  2. Bikram yoga 
  3. HIIT training 

Did you know that a build up of toxins can be the start of disease in the body?  Toxins that are not broken down will start to build up in your body until you start to see and feel a change in your health and well being. So get sweating!


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Chloe Brotheridge:

I tried bikram once but felt so ill afterward! Maybe too many toxins were being released! Need to get back on the spinning ;-) x

Aug 11, 2015

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