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High Street 'Healthy' Juices - Are You Being Conned?

So I am MASSIVELY  in favour of the big high street cafes and lunch spots embracing all things health - but the one question that I have to ask, and as should you, is are they getting it right? Are these green juices that they proudly present on their shelves really as healthy as they say they are? Here is a little debunking from me to you - in my book (and thats an alkaline book) a green juice or a green smoothie should be integral to everyones healthy lifestyle. However, just because something like an apple is green does not mean that it is necessarily the best thing to put in your smoothie or juice! Instead, what you should really be aiming for is 70% green VEGETABLES and only 30% fruit. This way, your blood sugar levels will be much more balanced. The reason for this is that even though fruit is good for us in small quantities, it does contain fructose which can cause our blood sugar levels to spike. Too much of it is really not good, it is quite acid forming and can actually result in more sugar cravings once your blood sugar levels start to come crashing down again! Our advice would therefore be:
  • Always read the label and make a judgement on how good for you that juice or smoothie really is.
  • Is the majority of the juice or smoothie made of fruit - if so, try to find something with a higher veg content or have a handful of nuts & seeds or something containing fibre 20 minutes before you drink the juice. This will help to balance those blood sugar levels.
  • Make your own. There is no better way of ensuring that you juice or smoothie is super healthy than making it yourself. 

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