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Reducing My Food Waste with LG

How many times were you told when you were younger ‘to finish what’s on your plate’? I certainly was, and I hated nothing more than being told this at the time- especially if my plate was laden with something like the dreaded boiled Brussels sprouts! If that was the case I tell you tantrums were had, oh boy they were, loud and clear as I was good at a tantrum – but Mum always won! I had to sit at the table until the plate was clean and my face beetroot red from my protests. Thank god she stuck out the tantrums though because I feel I was taught an invaluable lesson that I hope to pass onto my own children one day – don’t waste.

Waste, waste, waste, we do such an inexcusable amount of wasting these days. I have been working really closely with the amazing people at LG Electronics lately, as they are doing amazing technological things at the moment to reduce our food waste – this is a cause that I really passionately believe in and a cause that each and every one of us can get involved in. We have also been working on stocking a super healthy fridge, but that is for another day.

So back to waste, did you know that in the UK alone, we waste over seven million tonnes of food every year? Try a little exercise for me here – try and visualise what one tonne of food waste would look like in your mind, then times that by seven million! I can tell you that if your imagination is good, you should be imagining Wembley stadium packed to the brim with banana skins, bread and all sorts – nine TIMES OVER!! Nine times over people – how, how HOW are we letting this happen?

I find this statistic so astonishing and actually get a little emotional about it. It’s genuinely really sad! I suppose there are two main issues really that I find it hard to get my head around:


The economy is finally emerging from a financial crisis and there is no doubt that people the world over have been watching the pennies. But yet, on average each year in the UK we throw away over £270 million worth of salad. Yes, just salad! And avoidably at that. While a family on average throws away £700 worth of food each year! That’s a lot of money right? You could have some real fun with that – I’m thinking a deep tissue relaxing massage every month or a seriously good shopping spree!

Our environment is not in the best of health these days, the weather is acting up and natural habitats are being destroyed. Farming has never been so industrialised – cows are pumped with hormones and antibiotics to fuel our ever-growing demand for milk, while wild animals are pushed out of their natural habitats so that farmers can expand their farms. We then pop along to the supermarket, grab an extra bag of salad, forget about it for a few days and find it a bit soggy at the back of the fridge. Out it goes in the waste, along with that big carton of milk you bought! Let’s not even mention that avocado that went off – we won’t think about how far it has travelled! How irresponsible is that? Surely the mind set needs to change and we need to go back to they way we were before industrial farming came along, before the Second World War when every piece of food we ate was appreciated. It seems our greed has turned us into somewhat mindless consumers!

I know it is so easy to talk in this way and what impact is it really going to have? Have we all come too far down the road of £1.1 billion worth of binned fresh fruit a year to turn back? As a waste-hater I really hope not.

For me there are two clear solutions:

  1. Say hello to technology and thank you LG!


We have to get real in these situations and realise that change is going to take a long time to implement. I’m afraid we are a little too engrained in our greedy ways. However, help is at hand from the likes of the technological wizards at LG. I am the proud owner of one of their fridges (the A+ Energy rated Door-In-Door Side-By Side Premium Steel Freezer to be exact) and am slightly in love with the many ways that they are helping me to not only save energy, but to keep my food fresher for longer. They have invented a series of gadgets and gizmos that are doing amazing things – a humidifier is working its magic in my veg box as we speak, meaning there is just the right amount of moisture to keep my veg fresh, but not so wet so that it goes off. This means far less salad chucking for me, which literally warms my heart – is that sad?

  1. Let’s get mindful!

Think about what you buy? Do you really need that much? Don’t be like me as a child and fill your plate with too much so you can’t finish it (I doubt many of you will choose too many boiled Brussels sprouts though). £4.1 million worth of food is wasted per year because we have prepared too much. Think about that dairy cow whose udders are sore and who is injected with antibiotics to reduce the swelling – is your wastage contributing to her welfare – or lack thereof? 31, 000 tonnes of milk is wasted every year and for me that is just not a mindful thing to allow to happen. Lets be mindful – make a white sauce out of that leftover milk and put it in the freezer. It will taste amazing on that lasagne you have just not got round to making.

So all in all guys we just can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the amount of food wastage that is currently going on. It’s really really sad if we do, and living in naivety is no excuse. We really do have to move with the times and yes, our population is rapidly expanding and with that farming has to develop as well. That is why companies like LG are doing us the most amazing service – with their help we can begin to reduce these horrifying figures and with some pretty slick looking technology too. For me personally, I would way rather spend an extra £700 on an incredible fridge than contribute to the £12.5 billion pound waste bill that the UK can currently be shamefully labelled with.


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My name is Grace and I work for Vitalife Ltd – the company behind and

We’ll soon be raising money on Crowdcube to grow and help reach our mission of making healthy food and drink affordable to everyone, whilst reducing food waste.

We do this by buying stock that is beyond its Best Before Date, and then offer it to consumers at massively discounted prices.

And I was wondering if you would kindly support us in this mission by sharing a post about our raise when it goes live (in around 1-2 weeks)?

It would be fantastic if you could help us to spread the word so we can meet our fundraising target and increase the impact that we’re having on reducing food waste and making gluten-free, vegan, organic, and other healthy food, drink, and supplements affordable to everyone.

If you would be so kind as to share something on your blog about this, please drop me a quick email back, and I’ll ensure you are sent a link to the raise when it goes live, and provide any other information you need for your post.

Thanks in advance,


Jun 16, 2016

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