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Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS) & How I Got Rid Of Them



Thinking I was healthy, four years ago I was told, like many women, that I had Polycystic Ovaries. In the uk 7 in 100 women get diagnosed with it every year. PCOS is simply small, fluid-filled lumps / cysts that grown on your ovaries.

This obviously causes you to freak out and worry that it may have an effect on conceiving when older. My doctor told me that weight loss would help or going on birth control tablets could help, the second I was not going to do. I started doing some research and found that cutting out all diary products could reverse it.

So I immediately cut out all dairy products, started exercising more and hoped that this would have an effect. After 6 months I went back to my doctor and they had gone.

However this was not the last of them! They came back a year later.   I knew something was wrong as my cycle between periods was getting longer and longer apart till it go to about 7 weeks. However this was not pleasant as I was getting PMS for 4 of the 7 weeks. I was bloated, held so much water retention, I was about 1 stone heavier from the water, my skin was bad.  I went to see a doctor called Dr Gayley who is an expert in bio dynamic hormones. I told me that it was a bit of a catch 22 as I needed to stimulate my periods to help flush the system to get rid of the cysts.

He did numerous blood tests for my hormone levels and found that I was very low in progesterone and too high in estrogen. We needed to help me create more progesterone to help start my periods again. He interestingly asked me ,if I had a lot of soya products which I said yes I eat tofu regularly and have soya milk. (back then I ate a lot of it) He said that eating soya products in the first two weeks of your cycle was not the best plan if you have high levels of estrogen in the body. So now I only eat tofu in the later part of my cycle ( however this is about once every 2 months as I have gone off it) once my body has naturally produced the progesterone. He put me on the lowest dosage of his natural bio dynamic hormone replacing cream, within 1 month my cycle had gone back to normal. This coupled with weight loss, cutting out dairy after 3 months I went back for a test and my PCO had gone. This was 3 years ago and I am still in the clear!

Everyone is very different however its so important to explore the natural way to cure your body before going down the chemical route I think. If you have found yourself in the same position as me, consult your Doctor about how this might help you out as well.


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There is a difference between PCOS & Polycystic ovaries.
PO is the presence of many cysts within the ovaries & PCOS is a group of symptoms to do with various hormonal and metabolic imbalances (of which PO can be one!)
Great that yours has got so much better – it obviously can be managed with time and effort and reputable practitioners.

Jun 14, 2016

Simone :

This is really interesting because I know we can have cysts and not actually have pcos. I’m just curious because pcos is supposed to be something your born with and that does not go away. We can improve symptoms, reduce cysts (if cysts are one of the symptoms in the pcos sufferer- there are many) but will have the condition until we die. I’m under the impression that it doesn’t go and come back and then go again. It’s a permanent condition.

Mar 03, 2016


Can you tell me if goats milk and cheese is considered dairy? I am happy to try giving up dairy milk and cheese but would find it hard to give up goats cheese.

Feb 10, 2016

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