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Green Smoothie Competition

Honestly Healthy Wants YOU!   Show us what you got and how you go green. What’s better than a green smoothie to prepare for Christmas parties and alleviate the after party side effects?

That’s why at Honestly Healthy we have decided to put your creativity at work and reward the winner with a secret hamper full of healthy awesomeness  of the first edition of our Green Smoothie Competition . 

Follow these guidelines for our Smoothie Green Competition:

As you might expect, you are not allowed to add any refined sugar or your entry will be disqualified. Only rely on fruit or sweet vegetables if you want to give a sweet taste to your smoothie, or use one of the many healthy sweeteners we have talked about in previous articles (we have a search box if you didn’t know yet).

1) Produce an original recipe and give it an engaging cool name

2) Take a nice picture of your smoothie before or after the smoothie is ready. ( Feel free to take some inspiration from the many pictures we have published)

3) Post it on Faceboook tagging us or directly on our page and don’t forget to use the hashtag #HONESTLYHEALTHY

5) Paste the recipe in the picture description (how well detailed the recipe is written CAN and WILL make the difference because if shortlisted we will try it)

6) Share it with your friends and again use the hashtag#HONESTLYHEALTHY

7) The more likes you get the more your recipe will stand out (Don’t cheat)

8) At this point we choose our favourite on the basis of the details you write,  the picture/s the nutritional value and ease of use of the recipe. We also take into account the number of likes and we choose the winner which will be announced by the end of next week.

9) We pick the winner that we will get in touch.  The Winner will receive asecret hamper full of healthy awesomeness and his/her recipe will be featured on Honestly Healthy with full credits to the author. 


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