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My New Book Honestly Healthy Cleanse

I can't be more excited to announce the release of my new book Honestly Healthy Cleanse its been a year in the making and i am so proud for you all to see it.

This book is based around 4 cleanses to fit into your life. I find that if you embark on a cleanse that doesn't fit around what you are doing day to day then its going to be hard to stick to. The 4 cleanses are easy to follow and help you feel your best.

#feelgood which is a simple 2-3 day cleanse based around only soups, smoothies and juices to give your system a well deserved break to help you kick start your cleanse.

#slimdown which is a 6 day cleanse consisting of soups, smoothies, juices and salads to help you slim down and de bloat for a special party, holiday or event.

#highenergy is 6 day based around people that like to train or exercise hard that need to have a little more protein into their daily diets. This is perfect for someone that wants a great clean start with kick starting a great exercise programme.

#lifechanging is 30 days of clean alkaline eating to change your life. In this you can eat all of the 100 recipes in the book which includes even pizzas and gooey chocolate pots!  

Even if you are not on a cleanse you can still enjoy the book as it has 100 new alkaline recipes that you can include into your every day life to help you feel and look better to help you get to your optimum health. In the book you can expect recipes such as immune boosting porridge, Chia teff bread with raspberry jam, nut meg matcha latte and many delicious recipes... Order now  

I hope you all love it as much as i have loved creating it and putting all the recipes together for you.

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