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The truth about fermented food with Dale Pinnock

There is a lot of buzz regarding fermented food these days. Fermented foods contain beneficial probiotics, digestive enzymes and health boosting nutrients. But what is a fermented food, and how can you incorporate these probiotic powerhouses into your diet? Fermentation is an ancient and natural way of preserving foods, without any use of preservatives or chemicals. They are so easy to make yourself at home, and many can now be bought at various health food shops. Its important if you're buying fermented foods to check the label however, as some shop bought fermented foods contain added nasties such as refined sugar. In this video, Natasha Corrett and The Medicinal Chef - Honestly Healthy Hero, Dale Pinnock take on the topic of fermented food and demonstrate how easy it is to create a your own dishes at home. All you need to replicate the fermented delicious experiment is :

1 vanilla pod. 

2 probiotic capsules

Dale will explain how fermented food technically works to help you gut and your general health.

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