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Top Tips for your Cleanse

As we all know, January is a very popular time to cleanse – mostly because we have all just had four weeks of going completely overboard and silencing that wise old healthy voice in your head. Well, January is here so back to it people! Here are some top tips on how to go about it! Cleansing is all about finding a balance and relieving stress on the body, giving your system a break and adjusting your approach to the food you eat. There are three things to remember:
  1. Choose foods that are easy to digest and help to release toxic build up.
  2. Take mild exercise.
  3. Stay warm, rest and focus.
To tackle the food element, here are 5 fantastic ingredients to try and incorporate:

Artichokes They are incredibly alkaline (with a pH of around 8.5 -9) and also contain insulin which stimulates the production of good bacteria in the gut. They are also a fantastic support to the liver which is a vital organ to focus on in a cleanse.

Lemons Every alkalite (Someone following the the alkaline diet) loves a lemon as they are very alkaline and help to balance your acidity levels. They also help to stimulate your stomach and digestive juices

Milk Thistle Not only is this great for your skin but it also cleanses and helps to rejuvenate the liver. Try this one from Holland & Barrett

Parsley Parsley is a fantastic aid for cleansing the kidneys. As a result it also helps with water retention and flushing away toxins. Delicious too so toss it through your salads and even pop it in your smoothies.

Peppermint From time to time you may experience a dull headache when embarking on your cleanse. If you do, have some peppermint tea. Not only is it very soothing but it helps to settle the stomach by working with its bacteria. To tackle the exercise element…
  1. Yoga is one of the best activities to do when on a cleanse – if possible, try to do a lighter yoga such as Hatha Yoga. Twisting poses are especially good as they help to stimulate digestion and encourage circulation.
  2. Long walks are fantastic as not only will you get some refreshing fresh air but again it will encourage your circulation. Walks are great for the body and soul too – especially if you are in the countryside.
  3. Pilates is also a great way to exercise while cleansing. It will increase the level of oxygen in the blood stream – every part of us works better with more oxygen.
Finally it is important to be well rested and warm when on a cleanse. Always start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon to warm the system and try not to drink cold drinks straight from the fridge. Avoid going outside with wet hair and most importantly stay focused, exercise will help you with this. Good luck and we are here at any time if you have any questions at all – just use our LiveChat service. Why not have freshly prepared HH food delivered to your door and try our new Soup & Smoothie cleanse to give you a kickstart? Otherwise our Fridge Fill plans are fantastic too. If you are serious about your cleanse also check Natasha Corrett's New book Cleanse   

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Light exercise and Healthy foods, will drained all the bad toxins from the great holiday…. Well January is the best month to do some healthy lifestyle.. Great tips! :D

Mar 30, 2015

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