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Portion Size, Portion Size, Healthy Portion Size!

If you are on your way to a healthy January there is so much to take in – which cleanse to do, how long to do it for, how long will you stick it out for, what foods to avoid…the list goes on. But if there is one tip that we can share with you that you should all apply, not only on your January cleanse but at all times, then it's portion size! Portion size, portion size, portion size. It's one of our mantras. How often have you had a telly supper and before you know it you have munched down a huge quantity of macaroni cheese/spaghetti Bolognese/ice cream? We have all been there and it is so easy for the brain not to focus on what we are doing – eating.  Here are some tips to help you manage your portion sizes.
  1. Cup your hands together, this should be the size for each of your meals. I know it doesn’t seem a lot but that is roughly the size of your stomach and it is really all you need.
  2. Start a collection of smaller bowls and plates. A 10 inch dinner plate is more than ample (and does not need to be filled to the edge). This way you won't go overboard.
  3. Take time out to think about what you are eating. Don't distract yourself by watching TV, working or chatting on the phone. Eat mindfully not mindlessly & you won't eat too much too quickly.

Eating small meals little and often is the best way to balance your blood sugar levels and to keep your metabolism ticking over. It is also the best way to help you lose weight. Our Fridge Fill food delivery program includes morning and afternoon snacks and controlled portions so that you are always in keeping with the correct portion size for you. These items from Anthropologie are not only so beautiful but a great too for helping you manage your portion sizes.

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