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Stay Healthy Life Mantras

When it comes to staying healthy or starting a journey towards better health we all need a push. Sometimes we decide to take a journey towards better health only when we feel we have hit the bottom and we need change. We need inspiration to trigger our will power. Inspiration can come from someone we admire, a book we've read - anywhere!

However, it's not only about general inspiration. Sometimes, we wake up early in the morning and although the previous night we had promised to go running or do some exercise before going to work, we look outside, and surprise surprise, the weather is all but encouraging - this is when we need specific motivation in the bank to get us up and out!

Because there is more to life and health in the holistic sense than food and exercise, we have put together four stay-healthy life mantras that will not only influence your physical health but also your psychological one. The two are so interconnected that it is impossible to act on one without having an effect on the other.

Mantra # 1 Keep your head up and your heart open Just as violence generates more violence, love generates more love. It's a matter of energy (positive vs negative). By actually keeping your head up and smiling at people as they walk by (for example getting on and off of the tube) and staying aware of your surroundings, you may notice something or meet someone that you potentially could have missed had your head been down.

Mantra # 2 Go Slowly  Go slowly with everything. Life has become faster than we could have ever imagined, but everything works a little better if you take it slowly. A few examples? Eating; we tend to forget that the first step of the digestive process is actually in our mouth when we start chewing. Smaller mouthfuls and slower chewing will greatly help your digestion and you will enjoy the taste of your food much more. Taking a shower, breathing, and even sex are all activities that will be more enjoyable if you take your time and are fully present. Listening to yourself breathing, for instance is like listening to the rhythm of your body, slow it down and you'll decrease your stress level immediately. Taking control of your breathing rhythm is essential to help you focus and tune in.

Mantra # 3  Eat with your body in mind  We really put our best effort to deliver valuable information about nutrition, however, we can't do the job for you, in fact even if we could we wouldn't want to. Why? Because being healthy and staying healthy is a choice and it has to come from you to be embedded in your lifestyle, rather than being a temporary thing. Measure your alkalinity, (read this article if you want to know how) plan your food around your everyday schedule to minimise the effort, but most importantly, think about the food that suits your lifestyle and budget. In other words, plan your meals ahead. We created Chop Healthy because a lot of our friends really didn't have time to cook and we wanted to provide a way they could cook healthily from scratch. You can also subscribe to the Honestly Healthy newsletter and download the free 7 Tips for Staying Healthy in a Hurry to keep you on track! Your mind needs to be committed: value your body and your health as a good enough reason to put in the effort.

Mantra # 4  Work for Results  You know when you have a ton of things to do that you feel stress just at the thought of it all? That's when you take pen and paper and you write down your to-do list trying to prioritise your things to do. You start working on those bullet points one by one and shortly after you started, you are 50% done with them. In much the same way, if you set a goal or a challenge and draw a realistic plan to achieve it that suits your schedule (sometimes it requires a little stretching) you will. Over 600 fans of Honestly Healthy have taken on our Green and Lean 90 day transformation planfor example, as their own personal challenge and are enjoying measurable results.  Strive for progress not perfection and enjoy the journey! 

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