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How to Make Him Happy

Want a healthy recipe for making him happy? Focus on what makes YOU happy. Find that inner smile across your heart, radiate relaxed confidence and he will be inspired to find his own light.

Focusing on ‘him’ at the exclusion of your own needs is often futile; it’s definitely exhausting, potentially frustrating, and it goes without saying that simmering resentment  - when your efforts go unappreciated or unnoticed- is certainly not sexy… whether you’re trussed up in La Perla or wrapped in a flannel dressing gown, it’s all the same if you’re silently fuming, muttering ‘I’m fine.’

So how do you help spark the flame while stoking your own fire? How do you shift the focus a bit more onto yourself?

We are fortunate to live in a time where what used to be known as “alternative” is recently being recognized as “the new mainstream.”  A new point of view is emerging that is shared by millions the world over. A view that values health, feels responsible for our planet and is embracing inner work which helps uncover and realize the depths of our essential being. One primary goal of this emerging new mindset is how to become masterful at being happy.

Over the years many groups, therapies, meditations, sciences of healthy living and thinking have emerged. At this point there really is something for everyone - if you dare to look around.

One of those fast-track transformation vehicles is a process called the Path of Love.

To come out of the shell of our conditioned personality, to “wake-up” or make a significant shift towards living a happy healthy life generally requires doing some rather deep inner work. If we really want to be happy we need to get honest and real with ourselves first. It's no longer enough to simply understand the concept of "waking up"….the time is here to embody and live it. Most of the people who come to participate in the Path of Love bring a sincere yearning for a shift of consciousness and offer up their hearts for a deep cleansing renewal.

They enter a process which begins in the first moment with a simple but very deep inquiry and meditation into, "What is your deepest longing for, in this short life we lead?" "What is your heart secretly or actively yearning for and what do you feel when you let yourself get in touch with that burning desire in your heart?"

When people let that longing become a tuning fork of guidance, anything limiting their capacity to feel love for others, for themselves and for this life is challenged.

Those first steps to healing and awakening can be as painful as old wounds; beliefs and defenses surface and we see very clearly that the masks we wear, however polished, are not really serving our highest potential for love. Rather, they are likely keeping us in a state of inertia - holding back our passion, our creativity, our joy, our sexuality and…….our happiness.

In the Path of Love we create a safe space for people to explore and share openly about themselves. We do meditations where we burn like wild fire through old repressed feelings and identities.  We talk and dance, scream and shout, laugh and cry, let go of our pride and personas and in the end let ourselves be seen and known for who we truly are…beautiful, loving people with an infinite capacity to love, to shine and to care. Along the way we keep the fire stoked by asking the question, “what do I really and truly want for this life of mine?”

This courageous willingness to embrace the truth - and be open about it in the presence of others - is a kind of magic carpet ride which allows access to mysteries of the heart which are otherwise most often locked away in our golden cages.

So take a jump inside, value yourself, stop pretending you are unworthy, switch on and connect with your own Valentine’s heart and if he is even a little bit open he will sense you and most likely respond with happiness and more as you will be seriously contagious.

I am reminded of this modern translation by Daniel Landinski of a wonderful short poem by 14th century Persian mystic Hafiz, called The Happy Virus:

I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious —
So kiss me.

So if you fancy carrying the Happy Virus and sharing your love with those special ones in your life, it's probably time to take an honest look inside and see what it is you really want and need. You might need to reach out to a friend, find a therapist, dance, let go, shake up the status quo of your old personality and of course you’re welcome to take a stroll on the Path of Love.

For Valentine’s eve you’ll probably still want to dress and look amazing, go to your favorite restaurant and drink a nice champagne. What makes all the difference will be the awareness of your own self-love – the realization that the real magic is already in you.

By Rafia Morgan

Since 1976 Rafia Morgan has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work – during most of those years he has been conducting workshops and trainings in countries around the world. His background, enthusiasm and commitment to spiritual awakening - coupled with his love of people, of life and the discovery of human potential - give him vast resources to help people in personal growth work. He is one of the founders of The Path of Love, a very powerful 7-day process of spiritual and human realization which works with uncovering and being guided by our deepest longings.

Rafia Morgan will be leading a free 2-day group which will be streamed on Conscious2 feb 21-22. Click here for details

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