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How to Make Her Happy

Chocolate vs Connection? Flowers vs Feelings? Card vs Communication?

It goes without saying that buying flowers, chocolate and a card for your woman will put a smile on her face. It’s almost a sure thing. But what if you could take it a step further? Or, a step deeper? What if your gift gave her much more than a temporary smile and brought you closer together?

With just a few simple steps we can take a more meaningful approach to making your woman happy.

Communication – every woman has a romantic place in her heart. A place where poems are written, love songs are sung and fairytales are discovered. Women are by their very nature more ‘heart-based’, and men more ‘head-based’. We need both, as both have their place. Yet, this makes for a delicate dance between the sexes. So, how can your communication make your woman happy?

Next time she talks to you about her day, or shares something about how she’s doing, see if you can listen attentively, giving her your undivided attention. We don’t only listen with our ears; we also listen with our eyes and with our presence. She will feel this. She will feel you’re really there for her. That you understand. That you genuinely care. Sometimes, just listening attentively can make a world of difference for her.

Connection – with our busy lives it’s easy to lose connection with one another. We get lost in work, family, computers, TV and sometimes we forget the simplest of things – to connect with each other.

Next time you’re home alone, ask her if she would like to have some one-on-one time together where you’re not veg’ing out in front of the TV, or socialising with others, but where you’re really spending quality time together. Let her know that you would like to spend this valuable time ‘meeting her’. Connecting with her.

Take it a step deeper and use the ‘weather report’ approach by asking her how she’s feeling? What’s her inner-climate like? Is there a storm brewing, or is there blue skies and sunshine? This form of deeper connection allows you to really meet your partner with where she’s at and what she might be facing that day. Taking time out to ask this simple question will make her feel seen and heard and will bring you both closer together. We can have a relationship based on busy lives, or we can have a relationship based on something much more significant and meaningful.

Contact – science has proven that ‘touch’ is a human necessity. Whether we know it or not, we all longed to be touched. You could say, touch, is honestly healthy food for the body and soul. When we receive loving touch from our partners, that physical contact has a chemical reaction in the body, it’s like chocolate for the nervous system and nourishment for our wellbeing.

You may want to plan an evening at home, or afternoon in the park, where you prepare your partner for some intimate time together. This doesn’t have to be a sexual act; on the contrary, let it be no act at all. See if you can explore and exchange contact with your partner in the same curious way you did the day you met. Perhaps, slowing the touch down. Allowing for the senses to respond. Maybe even asking each other from that curious place how they like to be touched? You will find that with slow and gentle touch, her body has time to respond and aligns itself to your body. Women love physical contact, so savour the moment and tantalise her senses.

Getting to know your partners inner-climate, hearing what she has to say, having a sensitivity towards touch and in essence listening to her needs, is a recipe for a delicious-healthy-relationship and is sure to make your woman profoundly happy, as well as, benefits you both.

Written by Rupda
Founder of Divine Meetings

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