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Natural Beauty Products For Men

The British men’s grooming market is worth £911.1m, but so many products are filled with  toxins; phthalates, endocrine disrupting chemicals and aluminium. When we apply products to our skin they are absorbed immediately into our cells. You only need look at hormone creams to get the measure of this scary fact.

Thankfully there are a growing number of natural and organic brands that will leave your man nourished and clean, without invisible contamination.

Here are seven of our favourite products:

Frankincense Intense Cream, Neal’s Yard £55.00 (50g)

Thousands of years ago Frankincense was of equal value to gold; today it’s used to heal eczema, scarring and studies suggest it can even help treat cancer. Made with 75% organic ingredients (it also includes macadamia oil, turmeric and myrrh) this cream has been clinically shown to prevent ageing.






Deep Cleansing Face Wash, The Organic Pharmacy £29.95 (75ml)
This decongesting face wash removes dirt and protects against pollution with green-tea, vitamin C, propolis and aloe vera.











Male Testo Powerful Day Formula
, Bodyism’s Clean and Lean, £60 (600g)
Incorporating quality vegan ingredients like organic brown sprouted rice protein, coconut milk powder and raw cacao,  this gluten and dairy free energy blend is designed to repair and promote lean muscle mass, boost the immune system and improve bone density.

Tattoo Balm
Derma-Ink £12 (125ml) The soothing seaweed extract, shea butter and vitamin E  will speed up the healing of his latest body art. Tell him he can purchase it online at, to save street-cred.











Dr. Bronner Organic Unscented Shaving Gel£7.29 (208ml)

Formulated without synthetic ingredients and using 100% post-consumer recycled packaging this natural shaving gel contains organic shikakia, renowned for its moisturising qualities.













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