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7 ways to eat quiona

Let’s face it. Quinoa is having a bit of a moment. Not only were film stars offered a quinoa salad option at the recent Bafta awards, but even Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, called quinoa “extraordinary’ and a “cultural anchor.” And let’s not forget that the international organisation named 2013 ‘International Year of Quinoa” in recognition of its great popularity, high nutritional value and potential in ensuring food security. No wonder it’s a star in the kitchen.

Most supermarkets now stock this versatile and great tasting healthy food choice that has been grown for centuries in the Andes, namely Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

Called a complete protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids, quinoa is gluten-free and has twice the protein content of rice or barley. It’s also anti-inflammatory and naturally high in fibre, which is great news for our health and prevention of disease. Not to mention that it’s a wonderful option for vegans.

But contrary to popular belief, it’s not a grain, it’s in fact a seed with a light and slightly nutty flavour that is easy to prepare. Just remember to rinse it before cooking it so you remove its bitter coating.

1. Quinoa porridge – A great twist on the traditional breakfast. Higher in protein than the conventional bowl made with oats, it is fabulous and indulgent.

2. Quinoa Burger – This is a fun and delicious way of using quinoa. Not only does it satisfy your craving for the mighty bun and protein combo, it is simple to make and brings great colour to your plate! 

3. Soup – A great addition to your repertoire. Add vegetables and a bouillon to create a gentle yet warming staple in your house.

4. Quinoa bread – A versatile accompaniment to a relaxing weekend breakfast with eggs and spinach or a quick snack with avocados. Have you tried the Quinoa bread recipe from Honestly Healthy For Life

5. Salad – Here, the world is your oyster! Mix it with different flavours and textures and let your imagination run wild.

6. Risotto – Yes, it’s possible to make a healthy version of this comforting and creamy dish! Feel free to use mushrooms and different veggies.

By Chantal Ouimet our online editor


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