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6 tips on how to go meat free with BRITA

It is national #meatfreeweek and its something close to my heart that i like to support and spread the word.  My ethos is the 70/30 rule 70% of the time you follow the Honestly Healthy alkaline way and 30% you do what you like. This is not going to be a post on having to cut out meat completely as my philosophy is if you do choose to eat meat then make sure that its apart of your 30% and that its organic and from a sustainable source. However, cutting down on the amount of meat you consume will have a positive effect on how you feel and the environment around you. Meat is acid forming in the body with red meat at the highest on the scale. Its not only hard to digest it is also linked to very common diseases including cancer which is now as common as 1 in 2 of us will at some point in our life be diagnosed. We eat way to much meat then we actually need, some people eat animal protein 3-5 times a day which is a huge amount for the body to breakdown. Here are a few tips on how to cut down on your meat consumptions.

  1. #meatfreemonday Join the revolution! The McCartney family have started a wonderful trend of going meat free on a Monday. Join all of us and feel how light and energised you feel to help you kick start the week.
  2. Get a great protein powder. I use Sun Warrior vegan protein which has non of the nasties in it and It has 16g per portion. Throw it into your morning smoothie for a added kick.
  3. Make hearty meals to give you the idea that you are having a meaty dish. Try vegetarian lasagna using puy lentils instead of mince or delicious filling stews with plenty of sweet potatoes and root vegetables.
  4. Find your protein in your snacks. Soak nuts and seeds so they are easier to digest as a protein packed snack or enjoy some nut butter on crackers or toast. Humous has lots of protein in it as well being full of chick peas and tahini.
  5. Prepare your meals ahead of time so that you are not caught short out and about hungry as its much easier to pick up a meaty meal than a delicious vegetarian meal. Preparation is key, I tend to spend an hour on a Sunday night making lots of roasted vegetables some pulses and grains and a few dressings and salsa so that you have some wonderful tasty meat free dishes to keep you full of energy all day.
  6. In order to get the best taste possible from your fruits and veggies ensure to use BRITA filtered water to rinse and cook them all. With delicious and exciting tasting vegetables, you won’t even think about missing meat!

People tend not to think there is protein in plants but spirulina is packed full of the stuff and if put into a smoothie is digested into the blood stream much quicker than eating a big steak. Seaweed is another great ingredient to start playing around with, put it in stews, curry’s make salads out of it and if you are feeling brave throw it into your smoothie. You can find your protein sources in so many different places you just have to widen your vision to what you have out there.

By Natasha Corrett

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