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Spring is really here!

I love more than anything seeing the leaves on the trees and the blossom falling on the ground… it says here comes the summer to me! However for a lot of people it suddenly is the realization that that bikini body needs to be obtained if we have let ourselves go over winter.

This year I have been on lock down for my wedding so I have been a little over excited when it comes to training.

I went to Barrcore in Manchester when we were doing our supperclub there earlier in the month and reminded myself that I loved barre work. So I went back to my old haunt FRAME in Queens park and started some of the Method classes. I loved it, my muscles on the other hand felt the burn, but a good burn!

I have also been to HIIT gym in West Hampstead for their new boxing classes which is great for getting your stress out at the end of a long day.

My favorite product this month is OM Bar raw chocolate buttons. I have to say these guys know how to make raw chocolate taste like normal chocolate. Their milk buttons are brilliant for a sweet fix pick me up and even better to make chocolate chip cookies with! I got mine from Planet Organic.

Slightly obsessed with a rather indulgent night cream from Linda Meredith called Amazon cream which is making me silky soft for my wedding. I don’t think I can afford it all year long but using it once or twice a week could be my treat to myself.

I had such a great time at the Yeotown retreat in Devon. I got asked to go and cook on a collaboration retreat which was a great excuse to get out of London for 5 days as I enjoyed the stunning hikes and restorative yoga. Cooking for 15 hungry people every day was brilliant I loved showing them that healthy food was delicious and they all went home with new cooking skills and a book! I am going to go back and be a guest I think later in the year as was a great way to get fit and press the reset button.

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