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3 days at Como Point Yamu in Phuket

I have been to Phuket a few times normally for a detox but when we were invited to a friends wedding over there I thought it best to luxe it up! It is so important to me that when I find a place to go on holiday it is healthy as well as traditional food for my fiancé. I was invited to the Como hotel in London to try their Shambhala menu and I was sold. There is not many places I go and eat ‘healthy’ food I think they have nailed it. (I am very picky!)

We arrived after 2 long flights at Phuket airport where we were picked up and taken to Point Yamu, we lost our luggage which is the worst thing when you are hot and sweaty and all you want to do is jump in a pool so the first place I headed was the hotel shop and got myself a bikini. I was so thankful the choice of clothing was gorgeous, I found it hard not to get carried away and by a replacement for my entire suitcase.

We arrived to our incredibly spacious white and blue room that had a huge sliding window over looking the sea. The shower was like a waterfall and the bed was a perfect firmness for my dodgy back after a long flight. A snooze was on the cards before my massage.

I headed down to the spa, and got escorted into a beautiful room where I lay down. Now I must say I am extremely fussy when it comes to massages I would prefer not to have one if its not firm enough as I have so many aches and pains from cooking I need someone who knows what they are doing. This treatment, however was amazing. I was massaged into a tranquil state and my muscles were squeezed, prodded and moved about so the only thing they could do was relax. I was in heaven! Getting off that table was a near impossible task however I was lured into the relaxation room with a cup of their signature tea where I lay, for I don’t know how long, in a blissed-out trance.

Now the one thing that excites me is trying a healthy menu and I had been salivating about trying the full Shambhala menu since visiting Como in London. I wanted to order everything, it was perfect as Simon could have a Pizza in their wood fired oven while I worked my way through the healthy menu. Everyone was happy! The vegetarian burger in a lettuce cup with sweet potato chips was a winner and so was the tagine with quinoa couscous, in fact I think I would fly all the way back to have it again!

The dessert list was fantastic the raw chocolate cheesecake with raw acai ice-cream was as good as mine! The breakfasts were amazing wheatgrass shots on ice, whole coconuts, fresh juices and smoothies, homemade granola with bee pollen and goji berries, and the most delicious raw bread with creamed avocado sauce on top of poached eggs.

All of that laid out in front of me looking out to the sea was quite literally heaven. Checking out was a difficult thing to do, however I am determined to visit their hotel in Bali with the full Shambala menu because if Carlsberg did healthy food on holiday it would be the Shambhala menu at Como point Yamu.


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