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5 Tips to Stay Healthy + Hydrated on the Go

One of the things that I frequently tell myself off for is not drinking enough water. I can go hours without taking a sip and then i wonder why i am so tired and lacking in energy. Our body is made up of 55-60% of water and hydration is one of the very few primary needs for human beings. The five main functions of water in the body are: 
1. Cell life 
2. Chemical + metabolic reactions 
3. Transport of nutrients 
4. Body temperature regulation
5. Elimination of waste

You can survive 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water, which shows how important hydration is especially when you are on the go and in hotter weather. Some people can find water boring so adding some flavour might help to entice you to glugging it down.

Get a glass bottle and fill with BRITA filtered water and add slices of herbs and fruit. Some of my favourite combinations are rosemary and blackberries, lemon and cucumber and blueberry and grapefruit leave in your fridge and enjoy first thing in the morning or when you get home for workHere are my 5 tips to stay hydrated and healthy on the go


2. Get a great on-the-go filter water bottle. I use the BRITA one as it makes me feel like i am drinking loads as i fill it up a few times a day - its definitely psychological but whatever that works hey?! You wont find me out without it this summer. 

3. Drink green smoothies in the morning this will have 2 cups of BRITA filtered water in it so it is very hydrating. 

4. Drink coconut water as it is the perfect balance between salt and sugars for the body, it is like a natural IV so perfect post workout or when its really hot and you can now get coconut water in corner shops now. 

5. Eat vegetables and fruit with high water content like cucumbers, watermelon, grapefruit, celery and strawberries. 






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