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5 Perfect snacks to bring to a Festival

When summer finally arrives, we all relish the longer evenings, warm sunshine and of course - the festival season.

It is a fantastic time to let your hair down, put up the tent and roll out those sleeping bags, laugh with friends and family, relax by the water, enjoy brilliant live music, indulge in late nights and revel in the party atmosphere.

But attending a festival doesn’t necessarily mean that your body has to suffer.

Of course, you might have the odd drink or maybe two or even three, and the idea of having a balanced meal might stray from your mind. That’s normal. You’re off-duty!

The good news is that you don’t have to be too strict with your diet to remain healthy and full of energy. There are foods that can keep you fueled and rocking, as well as help to redress the balance in the imbalances of the day or night before.

With a little bit of forward planning, you can mitigate the situation and maximise the food you do eat while away for the weekend when you do allow yourself the odd treat and indulgence.

The Honestly Healthy 70-30 rule is all about having things in moderation and striking a balance. You can say it’s like having the best of both worlds.

Yes, it is about eating natural, unprocessed and organic food (as much as possible) as well as adopting a predominantly plant-based diet to ensure that the body has all the essential nutrients required for healing, repair and energy production on a daily basis.

But it also about finding a happy medium and being practical. Allowing yourself 30% of moderately acid-forming foods (meat, coffee, alcohol) without being consumed with feelings of guilt within your week, is key to having a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few simple healthy options that you can add to your icebox to help keep yourself hydrated, nourished and energised so you set off prepared:

Watercress green smoothie

Start your day with a nutritious smoothie and get your body back on track from the excesses of the night before.

It’s a fantastic way to get your greens when you might have diverted course and slipped into your 30%.

Not only does watercress contain iron, calcium and vitamins A, C and E, it is also deemed to be an excellent hangover cure as it activates the detoxifying enzymes in the liver. Last year, it topped the list of “powerhouse fruits and vegetables” in a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States.

Teaming it with avocado, which is packed with beneficial monounsaturated (good) fat, is a wonderful combination as it helps to slow digestion and keep blood sugar levels from spiking. 

Whizz up this breakfast drink the day before the festival and store it in a thermos until you are ready to drink it.

Here’s the recipe:

Nori sandwich

This is a fantastic quick meal that can be prepared in advance. It’s a fabulous twist on the traditional sandwich.

Nori is dried seaweed and a marvelous way to get an abundance of vitamins and minerals into your diet when storing food is tricky. 

These can be easily wrapped in greaseproof paper and kept in a chiller until you are ready for lunch. 

Research has shown that seaweeds are not only a good source of protein and carbohydrates but also contain all essential amino acids. It is therefore a great ingredient to use when you need to maximise your nutritional intake. 

Having it with some quinoa and roasted vegetables is a really tasty way to refuel. 

Here’s the recipe:

Puy lentil and pomegranate salad

When you dig into this delicious salad, you will simply forget how healthy it actually is. 

It is not only filling and satisfying but also packed with an abundance of nutrients that will fuel your body and keep you dancing late into the night. 

Puy lentils are an excellent source of protein and adding them to a salad will fill you up. 

Salads aren’t the easiest food to transport so instead of serving it in a bowl, layer it up in a jar, screw on the lid and take it with you. 

Keep the jar chilled in an icebox until you are ready to eat it.  

Here’s the recipe

Raw chocolate orange balls

Over a festival weekend, you will really want to keep your energy levels high. 

These chocolate orange balls are a great addition to have on hand. Not only will they satisfy your chocolate craving because of the cacao, but the maca and dates will also give you a fantastic energy boost. 

Loaded with amazing nutrients that will benefit both your body and brain, this is the perfect snack to keep with you to stave off those hunger pangs until your next meal comes along. 

Containing both chia seeds and coconut, this little sweet treat offers omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibre to help with the smooth running of your digestive system. 

Here’s the recipe:

Gooey vegan chocolate brownies

Sugar-filled snacks are readily available at all festivals. And as you are there to have fun, you don’t need to deprive yourself and feel as though you are missing out. 

These chocolate brownies are a real indulgence and taste just like the sugary alternatives - chewy, sweet and chocolatey. 

But they hold a beautiful secret in the form of hidden good stuff. Packed with stunning ingredients such as cacao, chia seeds and coconut flour, these lovable gems are also a terrific healthy snack. 

Take a batch of these with you and can call on them when you fancy the taste of something sweet. They will also provide a well-needed nutritional hit and energy lift. 

But don’t expect to keep them all to yourself. If you offer them around, they won’t last long! 

Here’s the recipe: 

By Annie Yates and Chantal Ouimet, Honestly Healthy Editor

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