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5 Ways to have your cake and eat it too

It’s undeniable. We are a baking nation – or rather a country obsessed with baking.

The phenomenal success of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off has indisputably revealed that a competition based around wooden spoons, mixing bowls and flour makes for gripping and required viewing.

Indeed, Mel and Sue’s famous klaxon call “ready, set, bake!” has us on the edge of our seats from the get go while Mary Berry’s “soggy bottoms” and Paul Hollywood’s acerbic judging have us glued to the screen for the rest of the hour.

No wonder that over 12 million people tuned in to watch the grand final last year - a staggering number for a cooking show. That’s a 50% increase from 2013 and a meteoric rise.

As a result, Bake Off, as it has become affectionately known, was named the most-watched TV programme of 2014.

It’s fair to say that our passion for the show goes beyond baking. Yes, it’s about picking a great cast of characters that we can identify with and root for along with the drama and fantastic water cooler material that the show generates.

With that in mind, here are five healthy alternatives with ingredients that will fulfill your expectations, address your craving for something sweet and finish off a great meal.


  1. Almond berry cake 

A seasonal favourite packed with gorgeous raspberries and blackberries that will make you the hostess with the mostest.

  1. Beetroot and berry cheesecake

A delicious and colourful summer dessert that is a feast for both the eyes and the soul.

  1. Blueberry polenta cake

This is a show-stopper that is not only bursting with superfood royalty but also truly irresistible.

Find the full recipe in our first cookbook, Honestly Healthy.                                       

  1. Mango and coconut raw cheesecake

A sweet treat that feels indulgent and comforting. Substitute the mango for raspberries and make it seasonal and pink.

Find the full recipe in our second cookbook, Honestly Healthy for Life.

  1. Raw avocado super-cake

A tasty and mouth-watering confection that is jam-packed with healthy goodness. 

Find the full recipe in our third cookbook, Honestly Healthy Cleanse.

By Chantal Ouimet, Honestly Healthy Editor




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