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Wellbeing Festival Survival Guide - The Natural Way

Music festivals are certainly one of the highlights of the British summer.

Hundreds of thousands of revelers of all ages flock to the various festivals all over the UK every year – whether rain or shine.
Yes, they can certainly be a muddy and wet affair, but some might say that is part of the fun and charm of attending a festival! 
We asked Libby Limon to compile a “natural festival survival guide” to allow you to have a terrific time at festivals this summer. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, these tips will help you to continue feeling good on the inside and looking fabulous on the outside.

1. Stay hydrated
Long days standing in the sun, sleeping in hot and damp tents, dancing the night away and consuming alcohol can all lead to dehydrateion, which in turn contributes to headaches, dry skin and constipation.
It is also important to rehydrate effectively with mineral electrolytes as well as drink plenty of water.
Electrolytes carry “an electric charge” according to the U.S National Library of Medicine and common ones include calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and sodium.
So stock up on: 100% raw coconut water (contains potassium, offers energy and helps to rebalance lost electrolytes)
If raw coconut water bottles are too big to carry, try some electrolyte tablets which can be added to water.
2. Natural energy boosters
You might be thinking that having a coffee will help you stay up so you don’t miss any of the fun. But coffee is very acidic on the body and will contribute further to your dehydration.
So would it not be great if there were natural healthy ways to fuel your party feet? Well, there are...! Beat the fatigue and exhaustion with these instead.
Studies show that B vitamins fuel energy production so taking a shot of these can keep you going.
Other nutrient-dense foods such as green tea, ginseng and bee pollen can also give you a natural boost.

Individual sachets dissolve in water, making them perfect and convenient for festivals.
Beet It SPORT shot

Studies have shown that the high levels of nitric oxide (NO) contained in beetroot juice improve blood flow, thereby boosting performance and stamina. Many Olympics athletes from several countries, including Team GB, used the purple juice and benefited from the research conducted at the University of Exeter at the last Olympics. Drink some two hours before you hit the dance floor.

Matcha green tea. Mix it with some ice and almond milk, and make an iced energy milkshake Raw cacao and almond milk. This slow release “no-coffee” caffeine fix will offer some sweetness and keep you going for up to six hours. Packed with antioxidants and magnesium, raw cacao is great for liver detoxification and glowing skin.
3. Help to sleep while camping
Camping in a field with lots of background noise might not be the easiest way to get your beauty sleep.
Pack earplugs as the volume at festivals can reach over 110 decibels, according to Royal National Institute for Deaf People. That’s the same level as a jet plane taking off.
An eye mask and some lavender oil, which slows the activity of the nervous system and improves sleep quality,will also help you to relax into a slumber.

4. Sunscreen
The sun might not always be plentiful in the UK but it is still important to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays if you are outside. Many oils have a natural SPF. Mix carrier oils such as almond oil and coconut oil, which have a low SPF, with essential oils as red raspberry seed oil and carrot seed oil, which have a high SPF (28-50), to make your own natural sunscreen.
5. Hangover cures
If you do overdo it at a festival this summer and feel the effects of the morning after the night before, look after your liver with milk thistle (take it before and after you day/night out) and

100% green vegetable juice is a also life saver, but if that isn’t available Green Lightning powder packets can help to bring you back for day two.

By Libby Limon, Yoga teacher and Nutritionist, with Chantal Ouimet, Honestly Healthy Editor

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