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5 Ways to have a healthy burger

Nothing says summertime like a mouthwatering and tasty hamburger. Sinking your teeth into a succulent patty is pure bliss.

A really good one is simply a thing of beauty – inherently delicious, messy and oh so satisfying.

A hamburger just hits the spot. It’s comfort, joy and laughter all wrapped into one. A food etched in our collective memory since childhood.

And a barbecue isn’t complete without it. It’s the classic, the showstopper and the main event - a piece of culinary design that is consistent and rarely disappoints. Bite after bite, we come back for more.

Whether we’re gathered for lunch or dinner, it’s the perfect food to grill and enjoy with friends and family on a warm summer’s day.

There is no doubt. The hamburger is closely associated with beef, but there are now several healthy options readily available – from chicken, turkey, lamb, paleo-friendly to delicious vegetarian varieties.

Here are five creative ways to enjoy a new and healthy twist on an old favourite:

  1. Quinoa burger - This is a fun and delicious way of using quinoa. Not only does it satisfy your craving for the mighty bun and protein combo, it is also simple to make and brings great colour to your plate! 

See video here 

  1. Spicy bean burger – With black beans at its core and a hit of chili, this tasty option is fabulous served with Cajun sweet potato wedges and superslaw. Not to mention that it’s a great way to satisfy your burger and chips craving!

Find the full recipe in our first cookbook, Honestly Healthy.

  1. Beetroot and spinach burger – Using quinoa as its base, this colourful and yummy burger will have you coming back for more. Serve it with a seasonal salad.

Find the full recipe in our second cookbook, Honestly Healthy for Life.

  1. Sesame burger – These bad boys made with chickpeas, oats and other luscious ingredients can fool any beef burger lover. Topped off with sesame seeds, they go beautifully with a creamy yogurt dressing.

Find the full recipe in our second cookbook, Honestly Healthy for Life.

  1. Lentil broccoli burger – These are perfect after playing sport outdoors or swimming in the sea as they are energising and incredibly filling. Have them with some roasted vegetables and you’ll end your day very happy.

Find the full recipe in our third cookbook, Honestly Healthy Cleanse.

By Chantal Ouimet – Honestly Healthy Editor


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