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Grapefruit Jelly

Serves: 2 | Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 2 hours | Cooking Skills: Simple

"I love jelly and I really miss it. So I thought I would create a healthy version that is also vegetarian, I have used agar flakes which is like gelatin but from seaweed. It sets beautifully and you could experiment with different flavours."  Tash x


1 grapefruit
70g grapes
3 apples
135g water
Pinch salt
2 star anise
1 tbsp agar flakes (seaweed setting agent)



Either you can make the juice or pre –buy. Take the skin off the grapefruit and put it through a juicer along with the grapes and apples. This makes 425ml of juice.

In a pan put the juice and water, star anise and pinch of salt and mix.

Scatter the agar flakes over the top and bring to the boil without stirring. Once at a boil bring to a simmer and stir in the agar until dissolved.

Put into two glasses and put into the fridge until set.

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You write so hoenstly about this. Thanks for sharing!

Feb 08, 2016

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