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5 Perfect Lunch ideas


Ninety five percent of workers in Britain buy their lunch, according to a new survey from It might seem more convenient to pick up a sandwich or salad, but even healthy options often come with hidden sugars and acid-forming additives. So if you really want to know what goes into your midday meal, try making it yourself. With a bit of planning you can enjoy healthy lunches that are quick to make and will keep you alkaline.


Butternut & Aduki Bean Yoghurt Salad

Ease Factor: Once you’ve roasted the butternut squash and whizzed the dressing, this salad is 90 per cent made. Save time by roasting the squash the night before or pop in the oven while you jump in the shower.

Health Benefits: The aduki beans are a great source of plant-based protein while the squash provides additional fibre to will keep hunger at bay for the rest of the afternoon.

Raw Green Curry with Courgette Noodles

Ease Factor: No cooking needed! Simply blend the curry ingredients together then mix with the spiralized noodles. To save time in the morning, simply prepare both elements the night before.

Health Benefits: The alkaline goodness from the bean sprouts and sugar snap peas - combined with the stomach-settling ginger - will offset work stress (and attendant acidity).

Nori Sandwich

Ease Factor: Making a nori roll can be a little tricky at first, but you will quickly get the knack. It’s a great gluten-free way to enjoy lunch – and use up all the leftover greens in your fridge.

Health Benefits: Seaweed is a potent source of iodine, a nutrient missing from almost every other food and one that can help protect us from cancer.


Harissa Roast Vegetables

Ease Factor: By peeling, chopping and roasting the vegetables the night before all you need to do the next morning is find the right lid for the Tupperware.

Health Benefits: Coriander and caraway seeds will both soothe your digestive system while the beetroot, carrots and celeriac are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your brain firing and eyes on the ball.


Turmeric Omelette

Ease Factor: The quickest lunch for those who work at home.

Health Benefits: Also known as ‘Indian gold’ turmeric can help with depression, diabetes, protect against radiation and is powerfully anti-inflammatory according to recent research. 

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