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The Healthiest Nut Butters


I hate to spread bad news but peanut butter doesn’t make the cut. It’s acid-forming, susceptible to a carcinogenic mold and is, well, just a bit average compared to these super spreads that are now available.

Sprouted Chia Almond Butter (Planet Organic) £8.49

Made with alkaline-forming almonds, hemp seeds, goji berries and chia seeds this butter is packed with goodness. The almonds are activated (a process which boosts the vitamin content and makes it easier to digest) and then stoneground for up to twenty-four hours.

Sprouted Hemp Butter (Profusion) £8.99

Hemp seeds are one of the best sources of vegan protein* and this butter contains just that; hemp seeds only! Palm oil is often added to nut butters and is eating away our rainforests. This one is clean and green.

Raw Apricot Kernel Butter (Sun and Seed) £6.60

A diet rich in apricot seeds might help you live to 100 – if you look at the Hunza people in the Himalayas. They are believed to consume 200 times more B17 (found in apricot kernels) than Westerners and have low levels of cancer and high rates of longevity.

Chocolate Coconut Butter (Planet Organic) £6.49

This Nutella upgrade is made with organic coconut flakes, cacao nibs and coconut sugar. Cacao nibs are packed with anti-oxidants, fibre and magnesium to balance your mood and lower stress levels. That’s the mid afternoon pick-me up sorted.

Activated Tahini (Raw Ecstasy) £4.50

It takes a week to make this butter; and approximately a week to finish the jar! The organic sesame seeds are long soaked to activate the goodness then stoneground to preserve the nutrients. Tahini has a high alkaline mineral content and is a wonderful source of calcium.



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Laura Bond:

Hi Une Fille, absolutely give it a go – it’s not bitter. Alternatively I’m sure they would love the chocolate coconut butter!

Sep 23, 2015

Une fille:

Great selection! Do you think the taste of the raw apricot kernel butter would suit the children in the morning?

Sep 08, 2015

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