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Enzymes, the new vitamins?


Every chemical function in the body relies on enzymes. These super nutrients are abundant in raw alkaline food, but are destroyed at temperatures above 48 degrees Celsius. Getting more enzymes means healthier skin, better digestion and a super charged immune system. So how do you get more in your diet? Read on.

*Eat Activated Nuts: When you soak nuts, then dehydrate them at low temperatures, it not only makes them easier to digest, it also awakens or ‘activates’ the enzymes.

*Get Juicing: Forget store bought juice – it’s usually been pasteurized, which means enzyme-zapping heat. Instead, opt for cold-pressed juice or, even better, make your own at home. Choose a juicer with a slow RPM – like the Hurom Slow juicer – to preserve the fragile enzymes and get the most out of your farmer’s market haul. Try Natasha’s Mojito Green Juice Cleanser.

*Upgrade your Grains: The process of sprouting grains, cereals and rice unlocks and boosts enzymes and vitamin levels. Sprouting (or soaking) also removes phytic acid, which can bind to minerals like zinc and iron and pull them out of your body.

* Take enzymes: If your immune system needs an extra leg-up, you might want to consider taking a supplement. Enzymes can help lower inflammation, boost sports performance and are powerfully anti-cancer. Enzymes help break down the fibrin that coats cancer cells, allowing the immune cells to get in and do their work. Countless studies attest to the anti-cancer properties of enzymes – including papain from papaya[4] and bromelain from pineapple




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