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Introducing “DudeFood” Author Dan Churchill


Healthy chef Dan Churchill, released his first book, Dude Food at age 19 and has been dubbed the ‘aussie’ Jamie Oliver. Honestly Healthy speaks to him about ‘swaghetti,’ his desert island ingredient and a dessert to get you out of the doghouse.

Where did your passion for food and health come from?

At 12 years old I started cooking regularly for the family – simple recipes like fish and stir-fries - after dad created a family roster. I love what food can do for relationships. Growing up as a teenager, no matter how many disagreements I would have with my family, when we all sat down to eat, it would be a happy affair.

In Dudefood you have a recipe for getting men out of the doghouse – can you share what that is?

Whoever is in trouble – fellas, ladies - I guarantee they will have one bite of this and say ‘you know what? I don’t care what you did.’ It’s my chocolate ganache with a shortbread base. I’m in the midst of creating a slightly healthier alternative, which will be going on my youtube channel soon.

If someone is feeling ‘hangry’ and they need to eat fast – which quick recipe would you recommend?

My ‘Swaghetti’ chilli prawn pasta with sweet potato. I encourage people to set their kitchen up like a restaurant so you have things like grated sweet potato prepped and ready in your fridge.

What is your favourite alkaline ingredient?

Lemon is definitely my desert island ingredient. It’s alkaline forming and so good for you, but most importantly it lengthens the flavor on your palate.

What does ‘healthy’ mean to you?

Being healthy is not just about your physical state – like having six per cent body fat – it’s about being happy, energized and emotionally balanced. A healthy plate to me is something super colourful with lots of flavor.

When Honestly Healthy called Dan he had just tended to an old lady who had broken her hip – he called the ambulance and offered her one of his gluten-free raspberry coconut muffins; swoon.

Get more of Dan’s “wicked” recipes and life tips by snagging your own copy of DudeFood.

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