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5 Alkaline condiments

You could make the most delicious vegan burger, but if you cover it in ketchup, then you’re negating some of the goodness. Sugar’s favourite place to hide is in condiments; especially in tomato and BBQ sauce as well as ready-made salad dressings. Here we provide a list of the best and worst flavour enhancers.
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Mayonnaise: Soybean oil is usually the first ingredient you will see on the label. Not only is soybean oil high in inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids; it’s usually genetically modified. Responding to customer demand, Hellmann’s has now created an Olive Oil Mayonnaise dressing with ‘non GMO sourced ingredients.’ (Note: this claim only applies to the product in the glass jar, not the squeezy bottle).
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Instead of mayonnaise in your next egg salad, try Natasha’s creamy avocado dip instead.
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Tomato Sauce: One tablespoon of commercial ketchup contains approximately one teaspoon of acid-forming sugar. High sugar intake has been linked to heart disease, cancer, acne and obesity – so try and stick to the recommended 5 teaspoons a day.
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Dip your chips in tomato salsa instead (see Honestly Healthy book one or make your own tomato sauce by sautéing onion, garlic and vine-ripened tomatoes.
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Sour Cream: Your raw dehydrated tortilla crackers deserve better – don’t you think? Dairy is not only acid-forming, but pasteurised dairy milk may legally contain up to 180 million pus cells.
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Try the Vegan Caesar salad dressing – made with cashews and nutritional yeast - in Honestly Healthy Cleanse.
Finally, experiment with these alkaline additions in your next sauce or dressing: lemon, avocado, miso, tamari, cinnamon, parsley and ginger.

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This is crtsayl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

Feb 08, 2016

Mavis Urwin:

Enjoy your blogs, Laura. I know this might be difficult, but when you recommend using a particular condiment or supplement, could you give Australian equivalents, if there are any available, or resources where we can order online. Many thanks.

Nov 02, 2015

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