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Interview with Alisa Vitti

Alisa Vitti, is an integrative nutritionist, best-selling author of WomanCode, and the founder of, a virtual health center that supports women’s hormonal health.

You fell pregnant naturally at 37, after being told you would never conceive. How did you get your body back in balance?

I had to really honour my body’s natural cycles; I had to rise and sleep at the right time and eat in a cyclical fashion to manage my hormones. Staying committed to this way of living means staying young – ageing is a state in which you are making fewer and fewer hormones.

Your program is based on ‘cyclical eating’ – eating foods in sync with your menstrual cycle, designed to build up and then break down certain hormones. What should we be eating the week before our period?

The week before your period you need a lot of complex carbohydrates – like brown rice and root vegetables - because your body has a huge demand for B vitamins. If you are proactively front-loading your diet with these healthy foods, you are less likely to binge on (acid-forming) cupcakes and pastries.

What do you think about the alkaline way of eating?

It’s great because you’re eating more plant-based foods, which improve your gut health, and at the same time you’re cutting down on acid-forming foods like chips and heavy meats - which can increase inflammation. To really optimize your hormones, take what you are doing with an alkaline diet and apply it to your cycle week over week.

I notice your recipes don’t contain gluten or dairy, is there a reason for this?

It’s well documented that gluten and diary both disrupt our gut health, which in turn disrupts the particular genes and bacteria that help digest oestrogen. While you are young and in the thick or your reproductive years, I also recommend avoiding soy!

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