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5 Ways to Avoid Acidity In Your Diet

Surprising Alkaline Saboteurs
You might be drinking your greens and limiting acid-forming foods like meat and milk – but stress, shallow breathing and even cold water can sabotage your efforts to stay alkaline.

Calm with Cacao
Stress depletes one of the most important alkaline minerals – magnesium. The good news? Cacao is one of the richest sources of magnesium. Sprinkle cacao nibs on your porridge, add to your smoothie or simply snack on them with a handful of the most alkaline forming nut – almonds.

Belly Breathing
Shallow breathing causes acidity in the body – as well as cravings, mood swings, inability to think, inflammation, bloating and more stress. Become more aware of your breathing throughout the day and try this walking meditation in your break; breathe in for four steps, hold your breath for four steps and exhale for four steps. Still feeling stressed in the lunch queue? Download the Headspace app[1].

 An Alkaline drink
Cold water has to be warmed in the stomach before being absorbed through the stomach lining, making it more acidic when it hits the kidneys, according to Dr. Marion Gluck and Vicki Edgson in It Must Be My Hormones. Drink some hot water and lemon in the morning for a powerful alkaline remedy.

The (No Coffee) Smoothie
Coffee doesn’t give you a chance to relax; to find neutral. It forces your sensitive adrenal glands to work overtime while sapping your body of alkaline forming magnesium and the sleep hormone melatonin. So when you're craving that caffeine hit? Try Honestly Healthy’s No Coffee Coffee Smoothie[2] with stress-busting maca, yannoh (naturally caffeine free) and coconut yoghurt.

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