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10 Foods For a Flat Stomach

It’s hard to feel good when your stomach is distended. So give gluten, dairy and sugar a miss – common bloat-promoters – and choose these foods for a flatter tummy and better mood.

Banana Rich in prebiotics, bananas feed the good bacteria that keep you regular. Prebiotics have also been shown to lower stress[1] and curb appetite[2].

Passion fruit Porridge A study of over 1000 people found that a 10-gram daily increase in soluble fibre led to a reduction in belly fat[3]. Half a cup of passion fruit, plus one cup of oats provides 8gm of soluble fibre – add half an avocado at lunch and you’ve reached the target 

Avocado The potassium in avocado will also offset salt cravings. Too much sodium leads to water retention, but potassium draws the water into the cells, where it belongs 

Parsley Chew on it for fresher breath and a flatter stomach. It helps rid the body of excess water and toxins (just remember to floss).

Fennel Seeds Containing volatile essential oil compounds, fennel seeds aid digestion and help prevent gas and bloating.

Apple Cider Vinegar Fifteen minutes before your next meal, take one tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water. The enzymes and pectin will improve digestion and help you absorb more nutrients from your food.

Coconut Oil In one study, women who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil (30 ml) daily experienced both a reduction in waist circumference, as well as a boost in their ‘good’ HDL cholesterol levels[4].

Turmeric Omelette[5] This energy-rich meal will help you build muscle and stay trim, as protein takes longer to digest than carbs. Lean protein-fiend Joe Wicks (aka the Body Coach) says; ‘The best exercise to target abdominal fat is food shopping and meal prepping. No amount of crunches of jogging can out train a poor diet[6].’

Blueberries Can help reduce belly fat according to research from the University of Michigan[7]. Note, if you’ve just had a high protein meal, wait an hour before eating fruit to prevent fermentation in the gut.

Chocolate 100 grams of dark chocolate daily can reduce belly fat in just one week says a study published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences[8]…and improve your mood in minutes.

[6] Original Quote from an interview Laura Bond did in 2014


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