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What is Moringa? The New Green Superfood

If you follow an alkaline diet, you’re probably pretty clued-up about green powders. Packed with the likes of spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella they can help cleanse the blood, draw out toxins and balance your pH with a swift swill of the spoon. But many people still don’t know about moringa. It’s the fourth green in the Honestly Healthy alkaline blend[1], and here is what it can do for you….

Protein for Vegans
Moringa contains a whopping 25 per cent protein making it the perfect vegan or vegetarian supplement – or post-gym snack. Instead of reaching for a sugar filled sports drink after training, smash a moringa smoothie instead (add it to the radiance green[2]). It’s also a rich source of potassium - a key electrolyte which we lose through sweat.

Glowing Skin
Since the most drastic medical treatment for acne involves powerful forms of vitamin A it makes sense to get more from your diet for a better complexion; and it’s hard to beat moringa for vitamin A (325% RDA per 100g). The superleaf also contains skin-loving zinc and anti-ageing vitamin E.

Reduce the Damage from Paracetamol
Did you know 24,000 women a year in Britain are admitted to hospital suffering side effects from paracetamol[3]? Scary but true. So next time a bad headache makes you head for the medicine cabinet, think twice; and if you really need to pop a pill then have a scoop of moringa afterwards. A 2008 study found that moringa helps prevent liver damage from acetaminophen[4].

To get more moringa, add the Alkaline Superboost to smoothies, juices or even these high-energy seed flapjacks. Tag your creations to #alkalinesuperboost


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