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Should we all detox?

A few years before launching Honestly Healthy, Natasha met Jennifer Thompson, world-renowned detox expert at a Thailand retreat. ‘She made me my first ever green smoothie and showed me how powerful crystals can be for healing.’

Jennifer Thompson ( is also a raw food educator and certified iridologist – she looks at your eyes to assess your health. We caught up with Jennifer, to find out simple changes we can make to stay clean.

Do you think we all need to detox?
Thompson: Let’s face it - the numbers are NOT in your favor. The rates of cancer, diabetes and heart disease are rising every year. Detoxing is an investment - just like servicing your car.

You have worked at 5 star hotels and with both celebrities and royalty around the world. How do you keep your body clean while you’re travelling?
Thompson: I always fast on airplanes, which helps to minimize jetlag. I also take extra magnesium to help reduce the stress that comes from changing times zones and high-altitude flying.

Flying exposes us to a lot of radiation, are you concerned about mobile phone radiation?
Thompson: I’m using speaker-phone right now, I never talk [with my phone to my ear] ever. That’s my enemy number one; it leads to dead energy. I really encourage people to get all the electronics out of the bedroom at night, let your body reconnect to its natural energy.’

Are there particular crystals that help offset radiation?
Thompson: Tourmaline. When I travel I always wear a beautiful tourmaline necklace. If someone is walking around with a mobile phone constantly I would say ‘get some tourmaline on you ASAP.’

How would you describe your diet?
Thompson: ‘Mostly I’m eating salads, smoothies, fruits, veggies. juices and nuts, seeds, sprouts and fermented foods like saurkraut and kombucha. I strictly avoid processed foods, particularly spice blends like curry, garam masala and chipotle since they will likely have chemical flavors added.’

What is a quick detox tool for those who are time poor?
If you think you are time poor, the first thing you need to do is detox your schedule! Remember this: being sick takes ALL of your time. If you wait until you’re already sick, you whole life will change. I’ve seen it hundreds of time in my clients. So dedicate 1 hour a day to food prep and planning. It’s worth it because your health is your most valuable asset.’







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Thanks Laura for the GREAT interview – it was a lot of fun! And a big HI to Tash – thinking back to those days in Thailand making green smoothies and teaching crystal healing with the sounds of the waves from my house – good times! Congrats to all your well-deserved success!!

Nov 30, 2015

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