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Hormonal survival guide

Christmas is not kind to your waistline, but nor is it helpful for your hormones. Eating too much sugar, drinking too much wine and the stress caused by lack of sleep and over-commitment can spell disaster for your endocrine system.

So how do you stay balanced, energized and glowing? We find solutions to three common traps:

* Too many Tequilas: When your liver is busy removing toxins there is less time to eliminate excess oestrogen.

Solution: Fibre is your friend. Add a tablespoon of flax or chia seeds to your porridge or smoothie to boost your channels of elimination and help prevent over burdening your liver.

* Low on energy: Alcohol reduces levels of B vitamins; essential for hormone balancing. Before your reach for the Berocca at the back of your cupboard, read up on the ingredient aspartame[1]… then try these healthy B-rich foods and supplements instead.

Solution: For lunch choose that falafel wrap with humous and sweet potato, which will give you a potent hit of Vitamin B6. You could also try a B12 Boost spray from Better You[2]. It contains added chromium and no artificial sweeteners.

* Sugar Binge: One serve of Christmas pudding (without the cream) contains a whopping 49 grams of sugar. The latest guidelines say we should be eating under 20 grams a day 

Solution: Try to pass on the pudding – at your work do, friend’s dinner - until Christmas Day. If you do indulge? Get your sneakers on and go for a brisk walk. Exercise will help your body burn some of the excess glucose and help prevent it ending up on your belly.

[1] ‘Artificial sweetener consumption and urinary tract tumors in Cordoba, Argentina,’ 2008 Human Study.


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