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How to cure a Hangover

You’ve been working hard to stay alkaline and now comes the acid-test: December. With endless after work drinks and can’t-say-no cocktails, we thought we’d give you a blueprint for feeling better the next day.

Sauerkraut: Just one scoop of this tangy cabbage is packed with healthy probiotics to protect your stomach before you head out. It’s also rich in C and B vitamins which you lose through booze. Heidi Klum and Halle Berry have spoken of their love of sauerkraut and studies suggest it might be the secret tool to weight-loss[1]. Plus it’s a very affordable superfood. One jar costs around £1.50

Sweet Potato: If you’re eating out, order the sweet potato fries. This root vegetable is rich in B6 – which has been shown to reduce nausea, balance blood sugar and keep skin youthful. Plus B6 is also powerfully anti-cancer[2], so will help offset all those December toxins.

Houmous: One cup of chickpeas provides nearly a whole day’s supply of B6. If you’re entertaining try making this delicious butternut squash houmous[3]. Dip with green and red raw crackers using the pulp from your morning juice (recipe in Cleanse) or go for gluten-free crackers to avoid unnecessary bloating.

Pudding: We’re not talking the Christmas variety here, but Chia pudding. These nutrient packed seeds are one of the highest forms of fibre on the planet and will help sweep excess toxins out of your system. Try this layered breakfast pot[4].

Juice, Juice, Juice: Preload your liver with goodness before your go out. If your liver is running on all cylinders it’s better able to cope if you have one too many. Turmeric, beetroot, artichoke, lemon and bitter greens like rocket all help support the liver. If you do over indulge, try the hangover cure smoothies in Honestly Healthy for Life.


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