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How to Stay Healthy When Flying

You’re anxious, cramped, eating non-food and breathing recycled air. Here’s how to feel better when you touch down.

Follow Gwyneth Paltrow: The famous fan of alkaline living swears by colloidal silver and vitamin C to avoid bugs[1]. Colloidal silver was widely used in hospitals to fight bacteria before the advent of antibiotics. Try this (handy 100ml) bottle of Colloidal silver spray from Higher Nature[2] to keep hands and surfaces clean.

Eat Less: Hunger can influence our sleep-wake cycles and research suggests that you can reduce jet lag by fasting. The idea was first devised in the 1980s by biologist Charles Ehret author of the Argonne Anti–Jet-Lag diet. His research showed that intermittent fasting pre flight and nibbling during the journey – followed by a big breakfast on arrival – would anchor you in the new time zone.

While Ehret’s theory has not been scientifically validated, anecdotal evidence – and subsequent studies from Harvard[3] – suggests he was onto something. If the idea of fasting for an entire long haul flight is out of the question (us too) try stocking up on low sugar/high fibre bars and nuts to keep hunger at bay.

Radiation Protection: When we travel we are exposed to huge amounts of cosmic radiation. Detox expert Jennifer Thompson suggests travelling with the gemstone tourmaline. Taking a green powder rich in spirulina– like the alkaline superboost – will also offset the damage from radiation[4]

[1] According to the July Issue of UK Women’s Health also see Dr. Oz -

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